June 16, 2020

Rapper Fya Philly and L'titude get featured by Ivan Zak - Ja Ti Se Kunem

The music video drop comes long awaited after the release of Ivan Zak's album titled "Milion"
Ivan Zak is a Croatian singer who has topped multiple European Charts in the past with millions of views across YouTube and is a very huge house hold name in the Balkan (East Europe), he approached Fya Philly's producer Valentino Sauzer, well known as PROblematic, who is based in Serbia, He has been working with Fya for over 5 years, PROblematic is also a chart topping producer who comes from a past of touring with bands across Europe doing the most until he focused solely on producing and Fya Philly is one of his main artists.
PROblematic and Ivan Zak came together to work on the song and after hearing some of Fya Phillys music in PROblematic's studio, Ivan Zak knew almost immediately that his album wouldn't be complete without the addition of some Hip Hop infused vocals from Fya Philly on his new project, and so the road to the song.was born.
Fya Philly recorded in his home studio in Bloemfontein with one of his fellow artists, a Reggae and Dancehall legend in Bloemfontein by the name of L'titude, he was vocalizing and singing over the beat adding life and inspiration to the song.
After the completion of the song, Ivan Zak's team months later proposed that we shoot the video for it because the song had great potential.
Being an independent musician who is not signed to any label, it comes as a great feat for South African artists to not only be featuring in songs internationally, but to be able to bring two worlds that speak completely different languages into one and fuse genres in a way that hasn't been done before, Fya Philly stepped out of his comfort zone to reel in a large viewership that's resonating in a foreign land.
The music video is highly anticipated and will be expected to reach well over 1million views after its premier on YouTube within a short period of time because of the legendary status of Ivan Zak in his home country.
This brings Fya Philly to a whole new level in his game of Mzansi Hip Hop, because after tasting your 1st million views as an upcoming artist, where does one go from here? Surely maybe Fya can move to Europe were he is generating a fan base through collaborations with foreign artists, or stay in a country that has selectivity of who gets to eat the pie on the table... "The music industry in Mzansi is twisted because artists can get recognition elsewhere while their own country turns a blind eye".
Coming soon are 2 music videos from Fya Philly's debut mixtape "FyaStunna Lyfestyle" one is titled Trap Town and there is a single titled Cremora, word on the street is that a new "FyaStunna Lyfestyle" installment will be dropping but the exact date is still not out

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