March 7, 2024

Rapper Jungle George Releases a single - No Love Anymore ft 2 Guns | Raising Awareness on GBV & Crime

The motive behind the song was to spread awareness about GBV, Crime, Abuse and corruption in that is hurting many communities in the Free State.

How long did it take you to complete the whole song ?

The period it took to complete the song was 4 weeks. The reason it is so short is because we have been living in these conditions for a long time and some we have witnessed but couldn't do anything at that time because we were children.

Who did you work with and how was the experience working with them?

I worked with my friend who goes by the name "2 Guns" who is a singer/poet from Bloemfontein. We decided to work together for this song because he has the voice to make people listen and can write poetry that can make people not only to listen, but to imagine the story we are trying to tell. I just bring the flow or vibe on the second verse to make it more enjoyable but still speaking my own stories in my own hip hop'ish way.

Will there be a remix for this song or not?

Yes, there will be a remix but after the song has reached the spotlight or amount of people.

Stream, Download the Single on the Link Below:

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