November 19, 2023

Rapper RTee Dope Drops a New Hit - “Journey” With Lyrics

The song (Journey) is about the struggles I face throughout my career, hard-work I put in and have to put in. How tough it is to be a rapper while experiencing poverty. The fake support people show and how people around my hood don't recommend my music because I rap in english.

-The Song Is actually about how I feel about everything

Why I wrote it

-I want this to be a song that will remind them about how I struggled to get a breakthrough in the music industry and how they treated me.
-I want it to be a song everyone will remember in the future

Who I worked with and how the experience was working with them

  • Firstly Shoutout To Eugene "KMONEYGROOT" without him this song wouldn't be the song it is now , I thank him for making everything possible, he is behind the mixing and mastering of the song and the beat too.
    My experience? Well I can say it was an amazing experience because he did more than I expected and I'd like to tank him for making everything possible.

How long it took to compile the whole project

A few days ,less than a week ,everything was fast and easy. From the moment I got the beat I never wasted time ,I just jumped on it

How I expect the fan’s response

The fans feedback? I expect them to be real on how they feel about the song , if it's bad then I'll try by all means to improve and if it's good I'll always try to be consistent and also do better than before at all times

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