October 4, 2019

Rapper Soli.Q Drops his Debut Single "SHE AINT" from his "AM [EP]"

Soli.q finally leaps out the dark with his long awaited debut single, "SHE AIN'T" coming straight off his upcoming EP, "AM [EP]", due to drop in October.
Listen to "SHE AIN'T" here:
After having worked with a lot of South Africa's upcoming talent, the young rap, singing producer finally puts one foot through the door of The Come Up after having gone through, what he described as a heartaching breakup with Singing, Model Keamogetswe Malole.
"To be honest, I've always set my mind on making a mark in the game. It isn't easy trying to make others famous and still push your own craft while doing so. I hadn't intended on making the track but after Kea and I part ways because of misunderstood expectations, it really hit me and i just thought that instead of throwing tantrums, I'll throw my baggage in the song. I wouldn't really be an artist if my craft isn't inspired by factual events, now am i?", says the young artist.
As of right now, "SHE AIN'T" is currently soli.q's only single available for streaming and download, which will soon be followed by yet another single, "Midnight" early October from upcoming project, "AM [EP]".
You can stay connected with soli.q:
Twitter: @iamsoliq
Instagram: @soli.q
For press enquiries – [email protected]  / 074 222 7749 /

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