January 26, 2021

Rapper "T Boy" talks about Trap and Why he considers himself a King of Tsonga Rap in Chavani

Xitshembiso well known as T Boy is a Chavani Tsonga Rapper, T Boy is one of the good Rappers who are working very hard to pursue their Rap careers.
He's been called T Boy since he was14 years he says;
"People used to call me Tshembhi, until the day my friend called me "T boy", I asked him why that name? He said "that's the shortest way I can call you", I then fell in love with it, so... That's how it came about"
What is it that some people think you are that you are actually not?
People who meet me for the first time mostly have that feeling like I'm this stubborn person, worse part, my lips are dark so most guys will be asking for matches assuming that I smoke. that surprises me a lot... they say I have "Smoking Lips"
Which song gave You a big break in this Hip hop game and how was the feeling when that happened?
My first song "Phanda Push Play" features Vice, this song was one of my best songs I can rate before "Report"
I was so excited and surprised how we pulled up such hit with our first song, I ended up saying to myself that maybe it's a calling.

What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop in South Africa according to Your experiences?
Nowadays people take this game as if it's a "trapping ground"... there's too much trapping. I don't believe we can share a powerful message through trap and it's unfortunate that majority of rappers are in a trapping zone while I don't see the bright light, as long you still live in South Africa, Hip hop is for sharing your emotions...
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How is the response from Your Family and Friends towards Your music craft?
Since I started music, my family supported, I feel so grateful having this family, they never criticized or disturbed me while I'm preparing my music, they respect it, because they don't know what tomorrow may bring...
Would you consider Yourself a King of Tsonga Rap ka Chavani or there are others whom you look at like that?
I am a king! I never underestimate myself, I still believe in the fact that everything started from the bottom to the top. To me sky is not the limit, if possible I can even reach to the moon.
What makes a Good Rapper in your opinion?
Being discipline and committed, knowing what you want, perfecting the kind of music you're aiming to give to people. These are the steps that can take a nikka far

Few years to come, where will T Boy be?

Few years to come, I want to be heard in different places, having more than 50k fans, earning a living in music and giving people the music they want.
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Shout Outs 
Shout to Vice, Juicy Killer, Tonia Babu, Wayne, Blade, H Boy, Mangzo, AJM and all chavani Rappers. Kasi music studios, keep it up guys.
In the name of hip hop

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