October 13, 2019

Rapper Trae Rixx talks about Education vs Rap Career and Why he wishes to Work with Kwesta

Upcoming Ambient Trap Artist located in Katlehong , Trae Rixx is originally known as Masande Mfino, Hes a Musician / Music producer born in the Eastern Cape, he Started his Lower School grades at Lukholweni (Soweto) finished off In Mpilisweni Sec School (Katlehong).
"The year of 2013 that's when I saw myself as someone who's gonna end up doing music after recording a farewell  song for Matriculants.
I went to Study at the College due to not affording Varsity fees , I pursued a career in Reservation & ticketing on which I couldn't graduate for failing one module.
I had to drop out without a supplement.
A year after, I decided to get my focus back on what I love, Music popped up
In 2016. I kicked off this Career by Working with
DJ Melefactor
Trix Soul Productions
Digital Spook Beats
A -Pluz
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Who or What got you into hip hop?
I Remember doing matric in 2013, Me and my classmates decided to save up some cash to record our farewell song as remembrance, then we did it for ourselves and our class only... but it ended up going viral and liked by all the matriculants.
So that's when I decided that after my studies I'll pursue a music career.
What's your Say about Education vs Music as a Rapper?
Well, nowadays Education no longer comes forward because of the New generation implementation's. Music is nolonger just an entertainment but a career and a business for the record label's and lately it seems like they make more money than you can think of.
So Education & Music are both a way of hustle.
If you could be successful in the Rap Career, would you go back and suplement that one module?
If my music Career can be Successful , Yes I would go back to supplement my module because my dream was not just step on stage, but to create a music company to help the un-heard voices from where I come from.
Few years from now, where will Trae Rixx be?
Few Years from now , Trae Rixx will be the CEO of Crystal Art Records and it will be the company that focuses more on youth Insecurities, Saving Royalty sales for Bursary schemes. Trae Rixx will be spreading positive impact around the township to inspire other kids that dreams do really come true!
What is the Good and the Bad about Hip hop in your hood according to your experiences?
Well for now I can't say there's good impacts that the Hip Hop is doing in my hood because these kids see it as entertainment, and try to copy the American lifestyle
They end up doing drugs, quitting School to do Rap.
Well I just hope Trae Rixx will one day be heard, because my music inspires an individual to be real on every situation  (don't do it, because your friends are doing it)
How would you imagine Life without Hip hop?
Life without Hip Hop... Well on my side "There will be no Life" because that's the kind of music that replaced how the message is portrayed like Poetry.
Its more than just kicks there's inspiration in it.
How is the response from your Family and Friends towards your Music? 
The Response was great, my mother actually boughts the recording interface to composing and record my own song...
But this year the support started getting mad, the Single "The Cook Up " went for 100 downloads in just 2 days, so yeah the family and friends really got my back on this one.
If you were not in to Hip hop, What would you be doing?
If not Rap... I'll be sitting at an Airport office, making reservations because that's the dream I had while I was still studying.
Whom do you wish to collaborate with in the music industry and Why? 
I would like to collaborate with Kwesta, not that he makes the same sound as I do but he comes from my hood, so he will understand when I say let's make a song just to give back to the community.
Shout Outs
I would like to send my shoutouts to Jae Moe Troupe, the company that introduced me to the music business.

(My Latest Project)
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