May 9, 2020

Rapper Troy_M on Why Artists must Work Hard to Avoid a 9 to 5

Mosiuoa Monaheng Known to his fans as Troy_M, was born and bred in Free state, Botshabelo. Growing up in a family that loved music and had a large collection of records. The likes of Michael Jackson, DJ Bojo mujo, Stimela and O’jays inspired him to pursue music as a career. The 23yr old recorded his first song in his own bedroom using a cheap dynamic microphone and a computer at the tender age of 15.
As Troy_M’s musical skills developed. He created a fresh and unique sound in the efforts to define his style of music, naming it “Melodic trap’’. This sound is a
mixture of R&B, Trap music and alternative Afro sounds. It’s the fusion of these unconventional musical elements and contemporary sounds and the edition of ad-libs to the rhythm that compliment and complete beats.
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You've grown in a Family that Loves Music, do you think there would be a difference in your music career if your family had no love for Music?
Yes, for sure. See the foundation is the most critical stage of a child while growing up, so if it wasn’t for My parents to instill the tone and feeling inside of me, I could have gone for a 9-5 job or furthered my studies and became a lawyer or something. But in short My music is impacted by my foundation so if that foundation was on a different path I think I could have been a lawyer.
What are the Advantages and Challenges in the Music industry around your hood according to your experiences?
Well, the number 1 challenge is Music business in my hood, people are very uniformed when it comes to music, I mean stuff like Copy right, SAMRO, RISA, SAPRA are very far and that’s a challenge itself as they don’t want to know about such, and to think first about travelling to Joburg and getting their music profile straight, by that I mean to visit places like SAMRO to register their Music, again that is a challenge, transport is the challenge, and I’d say that people are very stereotypical, they have the mentality that they want to make it, but they don’t want to make it, if you understand Lol ?
What does it means to you working with one of the biggest Rappers in Lesotho Ntate Stunna?
It’s awesome, very awesome. It’s quite an experience to me, it is something I never anticipated will happen nor something I never did. The experience of the whole EP was just amazing, I’d say that God was responsible and God was the one who actually did the whole EP. it’s Unbelievable what we went through.
The motivation behind the Ep was gained when I’d go to Mountains, malls and just to view the different areas of Lesotho, that gave me amazing experience and it was Amazing.
Would you say Rapping is Talent or a Skill?
In my opinion, rapping is a skill. Because everyone can rap these days, can have their own flow and master them, rapping is art and one needs to master it still. So to me Rap needs passion, authenticity and open mind that’s it.
What is the motive behind your writings especially your latest projects?
The motive would be to directing other people's passion, like if one feels angry, bad, depressed, mad and hopeless, My motive would be to direct people's emotions towards a good thing. My MOTIVE IS GIVE HOPE TO THE HOPELESS IN A SENSE OF MUSIC. That is My Motive
You've Shared and Opened stage with many big artists in South Africa, while a lot of upcoming artists struggle to do... what tips can you share with them so they can also get there?
Interesting Question, well I’d say the most fundamental thing to be on that level would be instead of releasing music they should try to do business with music, learn music on a business side, because business one collaborate with partners not only promoters. They got to lean on a business side in engaging on music workshops, that is the most important factor; to learn on how to maneuver round this Music business and as much as releasing music if the number 1 pointer but learning music business side can move you from ground zero to the Level of Casssper and sharing stage with them, and lastly knowing how to engaging with people.
What is the story behind your stage name "Troy_M"?
Well the name was given to me by the rapper by the name of Nex, well we were having a conversation saying “I want to move from the name current name I am using which was Daddy Pain to a better name for my stage appearance” my first was option was TeeRoy, and after a few month I was signed by Ilema Records and Thembile suggested instead of being TeeRoy rather be Troy and add underscore M for Mosiuoa my real name, since there are a lot of Troy’s in the world. Currently my Name is going to change to Troy Mosiuoa. Yeh that’s the case about the name.
How is the Covid-19SA Lockdown affecting the Music industry?.
In terms of us Artists, the lockdown has impacted us drastically, because the capital is generated through bookings on shows and events, as part of events and shows remember that people are not permitted to attend nor have gigs. So artists don’t generate income.
You are a Rapper, Beat Maker and a Producer, if you were to choose one, what would it be and why?
Uhmmmmm, now that’s a bit steep now!!! But I’d choose Production, because being a producer is a gift from God, I am gifted on that one, because that’s what I do best, no doubt I do best on that. So Production it is.
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Shout Outs:
Obvious, Firstly Shout out to God as He gave me Talent, Secondly my family and my Wife, Shout out to my team and when I say team I mean Tronix, PenyaPlay, SEFI music, Shout out to Tsa Moshoeshoe, shout out to Trey, to my Fans and shout out to everyone man..

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