July 28, 2018

Rappers On Forex: Young A. MO Gives 5 Wise Tips Of Success

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Young A. MO is a visionary, born as Mbuso Amukelane Vilane age 23, is a rapper with a rare and unique style of music, he has mastered the skill of entertaining the crowed. Young A. MO is goal driven person, a successful entrepreneur and a founder of GOLD FOREX
Who got Young A. MO into The Hip hop Game?
My childhood friend introduced me to hip hop and since then it's been magic and working towards being on the mainstream
What is Your Motive Behind Your Writings?
When I write music it always comes from within, I rap about my life, my challenges, my victories and how I envision the near future. I'm more of a lyricist than just a rapper.
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You have recently worked with Dj Abza on the track Golide, how was the experience working with him and what made that music video a success?
Working with DJ Abza was amazing and a step to towards having a successful rap career. Abza is a humble guy, he’s very talented and has a good eye since he’s the one who shot the music video for Golide which ended up on Channel O hitlist
You are also in an awesome platform of income which is Trading Forex, what motivated you to join Forex?
My friend, late high school friend Mixo Manganyi introduced me to forex and my plan was to use the money I make from forex to finance my music career since the plan was to be an independent artist
What is Gold Forex?
Gold forex is a proudly South African, black owned, Forex trading institution, Founded by me Mbuso Vilane and my friend and business partner Daynne Van Der Mast in January 2018. God has revealed to us the deep secrets of the biggest financial market in the world and its about time these secrets are shared with the rest of the world, by doing this we can give people who are employed and those who are unemployed a key to financial freedom
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A while ago I asked my friend how much his paying for his university fees, and he said it's about R85 000... And I thought to myself, his paying for information/ knowledge that will not guarantee him getting paid
With forex you can make get an income or a daily basis, I don't have a problem with school, not at all but maybe it's time we start doing doing things definitely
What are the amazing places that you travelled which made you fall more in love with Forex?
I just recently traveled to Italy on business and the exchange of currencies; Rands, Dollars and Euros had to take place. That made me realize how blessed we are to be able to sell and buy the same currencies at the coffort of our home. All thanks to technology, we can access the biggest market in the world on our phones. Imagine if More and more people can spend time on the forex market Than on whatsapp?
What changes will Gold Forex bring to the people’s lives if they can participate?
Gold forex has the ability change the lives of millions of people, we have such high rate of poverty and unemployment, those who are employed are not making enough money to fully sustain their lives. By giving them the keys to foreign trading they can be financially free. I for one knows how it feels like to be poor, through prayer and hard work I know how it feels like to be financially free and I can tell you it feels so amazing, who ever said money can't buy you happiness was surely not making enough
Young A. MO The Hip hop Artist vs Young A. MO in Trading, what’s the difference?
Young A.MO the rapper and Young A. MO the forex trader is just one person at the end of the day. I'm all about changing life's, changing the way people think and the way we as a people we can overcome challenges and by working hand in hand. I'm all about motivating other whether on stage or in class teaching people how to trade and giving them advices on how to use the money they make from forex
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Young A. MO's 5 Wise Tips to Success 
1. Put your Past failsers behind you
2. Refuse to quit
3. have a vision and a drive
4. Go beyond just dreaming about it, work towards achieving it
5. Cut off any that holds you back, anyone that tells you can't do it. You don't need the negative energy ~YOUNG A.MO
To Someone Who wishes to be like Young A. MO
I get that a lot, all I can say is to always involve God and work hard, prayer and hard work can move mountains. don't listen to anyone who tell you it can not be done. Remember everything big started small
Shout Outs
A special thanks to everyone to everyone who has been supporting me from day one. My beautiful better half who's the mother of my son, my friend Advance Mulaunzdi, my sisters Burcie and Naledi and everyone who's on a hustle. Keep on keeping on

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