January 3, 2019

Rappers Seth Eiased and Gideon Awaseb Present YOUNGBLOOD: A Hip hop Crew Making Waves in Namibia with the Hits "Mamacita" and "Party At"

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Rappers and song writers, SETH EIASED and GIDEON AWASEB better known as YOUNGBLOOD have been creating music since 2016. Their careers started two years earlier but was set back by some financial issues, the ambitious rappers further on continued with the music industry until another artist (DENILLOU) gave them a boost in 2018 and linked them with DJ CHRONIC where they dropped two hot singles entitled (MAMACITA) ft Denillou and (PARTY AT), these are currently trending on
And on www.donluafrica.com
What got you guys into hip hop?
I would honestly say our community where we grew up got us into hip-hop, mostly my dad, he use to play some 80's and 90's hip hop, the likes of 2pac and Biggie smalls, we loved the way the Mc's expressed their unique sense of personality… so we figured it’s easy to express one's feelings via hip-hop
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Who are the other artists have you guys worked with?
We haven't worked with any big legends at the moment, but we have featured an upcoming artist (Denillou) on two of our tracks in the MIXTAPE, which are (MAMACITA) and (AM SORRY)
Who are the Great Rappers do you guys wish to feature in the near future?
We are really looking forward to working with EMTEE, NASTY-C, CASSPER, or K.K... hopefully in the near future
What is the Motive Behind your writings?
Main motives, are simple: We simply want to educate the youth to be independent, for the world to see that nothing is impossible and that one person isn't more important than the other.
We started with our MIXTAPE last year August, we managed to release 7-tracks , but we were set back by financial issues, which then forced us only to complete the MIXTAPE by December... we only featured one Artist  (Denillou) on this project... hopefully now some of the MIXTAPE's tracks are available for streaming on:
What are the Motivational words that keep you guys going?
Mostly comforting words coming from the family and fans, such as "he speaks for the mute" and “Hears for the Deaf", we so blessed to have people looking up to us in all ways. That motivates us to keep on doing what we currently doing.
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Shout Outs
We would like to send shout outs to our parents for raising such amazing kids, making differences in the community.
Shout out to our producer for such an awesome job, on the MIXTAPE.
Lastly special shout out to Rap type Mag for making it possible for our project to be heard...
Special thanks from YOUNGBLOOD.
Youngblood ft denillou -MAMACITA - SoundCloud
Listen to Youngblood -PARTY AT by Youngblood #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Youngblood ft denillou -MAMACITA by Youngblood #np on #SoundCloud


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