October 12, 2019

Record Producer "Oakley 808" talks the Best thing about FL Studio and Why He wishes to work with Nasty C

Leolin Daniel Jeggels (born June 22, 1995), professionally known as Oakley 808, is a South African record producer and beatmaker.

Raised in Jeffreys Bay (Eastern Cape), Oakley 808 began making beats at the age of 16 with the help of his older cousin using the music production software FL Studio.

Aside from school, Oakley 808 didn't really have other hobbies like playing sports, so he dedicated a large amount of his free time to creating music. Oakley 808 was inspired by famous producers like Kanye West, Metro Boomin, Swizz Beatz, 808 Mafia and alot more, and initially tried to copy their sound while learning to make beats.

Eventually his production transformed into his own style.

Earlier this year, Oakley 808 produced Tedical's second single "Twisted Brains II" Featuring Jay Hood From his second mixtape "Black Butterfly".
The song was released in April 2019, and got aired on various radio stations like Metro FM & VOW FM.

According to Oakley, the beat for the song was originally Shane Eagle's, but Tedical heard it first.

Oakley's distinct signature trap sound is gritty, grimy, and thunderous hip hop street sound which is similar to that of his collaborator/co-producer, Lot Beats (Koketso Mathibe).

Oakley 808 uses FL Studio, along with the Samson Graphite M25 Midi Controller + Drumpad. He often samples his own melodies & slice it up in the FL Studio stock plugin fruity slicer.

On January 2019, SA Hip Hop Reviews mentioned him as " One of the hottest upcoming producers in South Africa ."

AfricanHipHopNews wrote that Oakley 808 is " easily one of the most versatile & outstanding music producers in South Africa. "

What are your Best 5 Beat making Softwares?

* FL Studio
* Logic Pro X
* Cubase
* Reason
* Ableton Live

Amongst those 5... which one do You recommend and Why?

I recommend FL Studio, because it's easy to understand & not too complicated.

With technology changing or improving everyday,  do you think this might also improve or destroy the musical productions?

It will definitely improve music producers... With technology changing everyday. It's alot more easier to learn music production online, because 100 % of everything you need to know is on the Internet. Information is right at your fingertips.

What is the best and the worst thing in the producing field according to your experiences?

The best thing is, you learn something new everyday (if you are really really dedicated like me).
The worst thing is, Alot of Artists don't really give credit to the producers.

Beat Maker and a Producer, is there a difference between the two or is one and the same thing?

One & the same thing.

Oakley 808... what's the story behind this stage name?

My nickname since Primary School was Oakley (reason for that, I don't remember)
Where 808 comes from, is I use alot of 808 Basses in my beats, & It's one of the most loudest & freshest sounds you'll hear in my beats.

How would you imagine Life without Music at all?

I can't imagine life without music...

Who is the Artist that you've once worked with whom you can say was the best experience ever?

Definitely Tedical... Reason why : He is such a special breed of an artist & I achieved one of my 2019 Goals with him. His second single "Twisted Brains II" Featuring Jay Hood Produced By Me played on Metro FM & VOW FM. Video is dropping soon btw.

Who do you wish to work with in future and why?

Nasty C... Reason Why : He is one of those artists that's unbelievably great. Everything Nasty drops is a Classic, & his one of Africa's Greatest Muscicans.

From Price City To Strings & Blings, he outdid himself. Zulu Man With Some Power will obviously be a Project that will be talked about for a very very long time. Nasty C is The G.O.A.T & to be on production credits on one of his projects will be a huge Honour.

Shout Outs

I wanna send a shout out to all my Supporters & Friends, The people im currently working with; Mia Liyah, Tedical, Jay Hood, Lot Beats, Sango, McWiz Beats, Sikho Beats, T bang, LD Beats, SiyaCee Beats, Spha & Yung 88 ....

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