September 18, 2018

Richi Rich back with a Sizzling Hit: CAV THE KICKS


Cav The Kicks Artwork 01
RICHI RICH @richirichworld finally release his third single 'CAV THE KICKS" from his latest offering NORTHGOMORA MIXTAPE.
"CAV THE KICKS" is all about feeling good because you looking good I guess I am just trying to boost the confidence of the youth by saying even though nothing is going well you can still go out looking good and feel good and fashion is a big part of the RICHI RICH @richirichworld1 brand and I am also a sneaker head at heart.
Looking good and dressing well represents how others view you so I believe so you always have to look presentable so others can take you serious.
Where I am from how you dressed and the type shoes (Sneaker) you wearing are taken very seriously plus I am a NORTHBOY so I have to keep it clean the whole time. As a creative not just an artist I would also love to collaborate with a big brand and have my own shoes (Sneakers) named after RICHI RICH.
The artwork was designed by @undrgrndcreates they actually designed my own shoe for the artwork.
It’s a feel good track you can play any day when you feel good, at party’s, before you go out etc. it’s a banger. @Djhotplay from @propernice one of the best producers I work with is behind the beat so you know it is fire the video will be dropping soon to.
@richirichworld1 @undrgrndcreates on all social media platforms.

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