June 2, 2018

Rito Baloyi Drops a Hit entitled "Baji"! A fusion of Hip Hop Vibe and Gqom

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Rito Baloyi drops Baji
Rito Baloyi released a new hit single entitled Baji unexpectedly
It was on the 31st of May when the song was first released to the public, The song features an artist by the name of Jay Fec
Behind the creation
"I went to the studio and Jay was working on gqom a beat and I just liked the beat ,so I told Jay to add a few hip hop elements since I'm hip hop artist .When he did everything just blended perfectly so I mumbled a hook and it was on point.
We then worked on the actual words and the verses and jumped on the beat and so that's how Baji was born " -Rito Baloyi
Baji has been trending since it's release and until today it's making the streets go crazy ,it's a mix genre of Hip hop and Gqom with a influence of Tsonga cultural dance music .Baji is another masterpiece by Rito Baloyi
To get Baji follow Rito Baloyi on social media @RitoBaloyiDIFL everywhere from twitter, Facebook to Instagram .

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