August 23, 2017

Rolling with Tru TagX

20170823 043924Thabani Sydney Nyathi, known by his stage name Tru TagX is a Zimbabwean Recording Artist and Songwriter based in South Africa. Currently doing his studies at the University of Limpopo. Rose in a family of five.
What got you into music?
Grew up in a music-friendly environment. Always been a huge fan of music and art.He felt the vibe, the connection with music was good and the love has never stopped ever since.
What makes Tru TagX different from other hip hop artists?
Understanding, appreciation and passion. The drive not be a mere artist but to influence the masses through his music.
 What’s the motive behind your latest track?
It was motivated by how he felt the public perceived him as an artist. The feeling of how the artist is marginalised into one bracket. Therefore restricted from trying out new and different sounds. However, it also talked about how he wishes everyone more years, thus leading to more life.
Who have you worked with on your music?
A number of people and organisations have played an important role in his growth as an artist, and these include his Family, CME Studios, Street Voyce,Mogau(HipHopRetreat),Maxwell Spyk to mention a few.
Tru TagX in one word?
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Debut album not dropping anytime soon. He is though, planning on shooting a couple of music videos and dropping Singles likes his been doing of lately.
Wise words from Tru TagX?
Love what you are doing. Enjoy your hustle. Work hard and think smart, one day it will pay off. Invest and Sacrifice your time and money on the right thing. Always give all the glory to God.
Shout outs?
Family once again, CzAr ODriego, Decker, BadPain, Lekkersweet, Happy Kush, DjChris94, the list is endless, but most importantly to the fans for the support, the negative and positive criticism has helped build Tru TagX.
(Bonus) What nick name given to you that you didn’t like at all during your childhood?
Polony (used to be a huge fan of pork) and Lil S (short for Sydney), the pronunciation of the ‘’S’’ wasn’t pretty nice.

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