October 3, 2016

Rolly's Interview

Henry Tshepo “Rolly’s” Phahlane, originally from Mpumalanga but grew up in Centurion at Irene. I am a rapper and I mostly do freestyles. Music and making beats are my hobbies

What got Rolly’s into Hip hop?
I have always been a hip hop fan, I used to copy lyrics from the hip hop tracks that I loved and started rapping along. That led me to write my own

Who is your inspiration through hip hop?
Locally I’d say Mzekezeke and internationally I would go with Lil Wayne

What is the motive behind your writings?
My emotional past life and what's going on in my daily life

Any awesome places you went and people you met and through hip hop?
Haven't been in places that much. My is where I've been and getting opportunities here and there to perfom. I would say the Black Equality records is the company that pushes me harder because if it wasn't for them and all my inspirations, I wouldn't have recorded.

One word to describe Rolly's?

What happened on the day you got embarrased during your childhood?
I got so embarrassed when my mom found out that I got arrested for shoplifting... She trusted me all the time

Celebrity crush?
My girlfriend, she is my celeb

Where can we get a taste of your tunes?
- For now, I'm on www.soundcloud.com, search for "Black equality recordz"

Any motivational words to those who wish to be like Rolly's?
Be brave, never give up in anything you want to do and just be yourself
xxx End xxx

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