February 6, 2019

Ryan Righteous, Seantana and Dj Jeremaya Present: TRACKSTARZ! A Christian Hip hop Community in The United States

Meet Trackstarz: The Creatives Behind the Positive Media Movement

Meet three men who are calling themselves “Champions for Christ” not because they claim to have it all together, their calling is completely clear, or they never fear or doubt, but because they keep at it for Jesus Christ

Trackstarz is a Christian media company determined to bring high-quality Godly content to the mainstream.  We have a heart for training young creatives to improve their craft and character in order to prepare them for Marketplace influence.  We also provide our Trackstarz Universe of supporters and fans with engaging content and witnessing tools through our Radio show, TV show, Music Group, Events, and Publications.   We also strive to help creatives improve the quality of their end product and provide them with the resources to get their message heard through our Design, Engineering, and Distribution services.

In early 2006, the two Co-Founders of Trackstarz Ryan Moore (known as Ryan Righteous) and Sean David Grant (known as Seantana) had a meeting of the minds to discuss what needed to be done about the negative messages being played on radio airwaves.  At the time, Sean and Ryan were working at urban media giant, Radio One Inc. and the two found themselves discouraged with the music being played. Plagued with the guilt of watching their generation fall by the way side, the two got to work and in late 2007 recorded their first broadcast of Trackstarz Radio to help bring positive music to the airwaves.  A short time after their start, the musically talented ear of Christopher Dawson (known as Dj Jeremaya) was added to the duo, as the rhythmic pieces of the puzzle hadn’t quite begun to fit together without him.

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Ryan Righteous
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Dj Jeremaya

Today, Ryan Righteous, Seantana, Dj Jeremaya, and a team of creatives make up Trackstarz Media, an emerging multimedia group that is changing the way youth and young adults gain access to the positive side of pop culture.  What started out as hysterical conversations amongst friends broadcasting from the basement of their college has now evolved into a massive movement that is changing hearts and transforming lives through their radio, television, film and music movement. 

God is doing an audacious work in our lives,” says Ryan Righteous. The Trackstarz movement has now advanced far beyond anyone’s expectation, now having placements on more than 50 stations for Radio, Television, and Digital Media content distribution. Some of their successes include: a multinational syndication TV deal in Africa and parts of Western Europe, music distribution through Sony, a content distribution deal with Netflix, media coverage at The BET Experience, partnership with Reflection Music Group at SXSW to put on the first CHH concert of the Strip, 34th Annual Stellar Awards Nominee in partnership with God’s House of Hip-Hop for internet station of the year and contributions to various music conferences.

In 2016, Trackstarz rolled out their own worldwide distribution company, ‘Nectar’, to facilitate bringing high-quality Godly content to the mainstream and giving artists exposure on multiple outlets. Their ‘Positive Music Movement’, which launched in 2018, opened the door for others to join the movement through various partnerships. “We’ve come a long way since the beginning,” says Dj Jeremaya.  God took us from 18 listeners one month to reaching more than 8,000 listeners the next, thanks to our content distribution deal with DaSouth.com” [now Jam The Hype]. 

“We give all credit to God for whatever success we have. Jesus’ last words to us were that He wanted everyone to be one, and that’s what we hope to do by bringing believers and non-believers together,” says Seantana.

Trackstarz can now be heard globally, 7 days of the week, with over 70,000 listeners per month.  When you tune into “The Field” each week, you can expect the Trackstarz to deliver a fresh perspective on pop culture, Christian music, and Talk radio. The Trackstarz take a bold and cutting-edge approach in answering some of life's more challenging questions about faith, morality, and relationships. The show focuses on music, entertainment, and current events, while creating an engaging and fun atmosphere for youth and young adult-targeted audiences.

All in all, Trackstarz has been growing and becoming a leading voice in entertainment for the positive media movement. Through music, podcasts, articles, and a wide variety of services they provide, the reach is extending for these men and their team. For more about Trackstarz, please visit www.Trackstarz.com or follow them on Social Media @trackstarz.   

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