September 15, 2021

Singer & Songwriter Hlamy C Takes Social Media by Storm with the Song Covers She does | Albinism | Makhadzi | Beyonce | Sjava + More

Hlamy C, aka "Ntombi ya Mhlengwe", is a South African R&B/Soul Musician, Songwriter and
Guitarist Born on the 15th of September 1999 who is living with albinism. She was born in Matsakali village near Malamulele in the Limpopo Province but grew up in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Hlamy C, real name Hlamarisa Mercy Chauke, matriculated from Shingwedzi High School in 2018 and studied BA Communications at the University of Limpopo.
Hlamy C began her musical journey in 2016 as a lead singer for her high school and church
choirs respectively. She was first introduced to the recording side of music by a rapper friend,
where she impressed the producers at a local studio with her versatile, sweet, and melodic voice.
She was later featured on a song by McCain titled “Mihlolo ya Boti” which was never officially
In 2018, she was introduced to another local studio where things started to look promising for
her. She recorded and released her first official solo single titled “Mali Madlayisani”, which got
playlisted at a local community radio station Mala FM and scored her an interview with the
station. She further recorded 6 more tracks which were to form part of her debut album but due
to disagreements with the producers, the songs were never released.
In 2019, Hlamy C was approached by another producer, Moose, and she immediately featured
in his song titled “Mabadi”. In 2020, she recorded and released her debut 6-track EP titled “The
Opportunity” under Moose’s Hotwave Productions label. On the EP, Hlamy C displayed her
versatility and multilingualism by infusing seven (7) languages into soulful sounds of R&B and
soul with a touch of African flavour. As a young artist, the EP gained her significant recognition
amongst her peers, and it remains her best musical expression to-date.
In 2021, Hlamy C released a pulsating and soulful single track titled “Norho” which is currently
doing extremely well in the market. The single is a follow up on her self-discovered Afro soul
melodic sounds. The single is part of her up coming EP due to be released later this year.
Having met DJ, producer, record label owner and artist manager, Sumthyn Black in 2021, Hlamy
C has renewed her hopes of taking her music both nationally and internationally. She believes
that now is the right time for her to spread her wings and take the South African music industry
by storm. Hlamy C is inspired by musicians such as Adele, Beyonce, Sia, Shane World and Nox Guni but appreciates and is further inspired by Salif Keita who made it as musician while living with albinism

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Few years to come, where do you see Hlamy C?

I see myself being a successful artist and a graduate, traveling the world and living my best life


How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?

Those are my big fans from day 1, when I decided to pursue music.
It's positive response only that I've been receiving,
Encouragement never to stop singing coz I've got what ever it takes to make it to the top

What is the Good and the Bad things about Music in South Africa according to your experiences?

It has got the support from the both the government and the people (community) once ure out there you will fully get their support and it is profitable.
The bad thing is that even though you can be a very good & talented singer, without the good team that is knowledgable with the industry by your side, you might end up not getting where you want to head.


Which One Big Artist do you Wish they could Hear your Sweet Melodic Voice on your Song Covers and Why?

So far the ones that I've been making their covers... responded and reposted my videos
Besides them I'd like for Zahara, Mlindo, Sjava, Vusi Nova, Joyous Celebration... to hear me and reach out
I just love them no cap.

What makes the best singer according to your Opinions and Experiences?

Being creative, lyrical, artistic, dedicated, passionate and confident. Believe in your singing


What is the Motive Behind Most of Your writings in your Songs and Why?

It is nothing that has to do with my personal life. It is just about how I feel (inspired by my emotions) but write about things that I see or heard of them... happening from others
Reason is I want my music to touch peoples heart in a way that they can relate to the message (i sing about the reality in life and love)

Your Stage Name... Hlamy C... How is the response from the Fans on the fact that there is already an artist called Henny C?

Henny and Hlamy are two different things. Nasty C came first Henny didn't think about that too so why not.


Who is your Celebrity Crush and Why?

Lehasa Maphosa from Skeem Saam. The looks and the brains (the way he is portrayed) and his behavior.


What are the Wise and Encouraging words can you give to Talented People living with Albinism who are finding it hard to Express themselves due to the condition out there?

Being different is the one special thing one should be proud of. Living with albinism doesn't limit you from doing anything done by the ones who does not have the condition. If you do not stand up for yourself no one will. As the one's who were able to stand up, we are here to represent you, give you the courage to be inspired and rise up as well, but if you don't believe in yourselves no one will. Its starts with you. You can change how people think or assume things about you. We are all human afterall.


Who taught you how to Play a Guitar and how is the response from your fans towards it?

Self thought, though YouTube. My fans love it since it complements my melodies and finds it beautiful


Follow Hlamy C On:

Facebook - Hlamy-C

Twitter - @HlamyC_ZA

Instagram - @hlamyc_za

Shout Outs

Shout out to my family (mom & sis Noria Chauke & Khensani Chauke)
Musical team (my producer and manager) Moose and Mr S Makhongela
And my fans !!!

No one has ever demoralized me or thought of me not being successful in the industry
Its been positive vibes and a great support. Not only are they proud of me, im also proud of myself.

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