April 27, 2023

Skwatta Kamp Drops an Album - “SVN” on Freedom Day | Here’s Why…

The SeVeNth album, recognising the SeVeN rappers that held the group’s core, while paying homage to the uncensored and rebellious young spirit that would have seen the SVN (sex, violence & nudity) restriction being parentally advised on anything the Kamp would release.

They gave us Landela, Umoya, Rau Rau, Manyisa, Eskhaleni, and dropped an infectious beat that moved and united South Africans with The Clap Song. 2023 marks the eve of a fifteen-year hiatus since the last SK studio album, so it’s only right that SVN is set free to the masses on the 27th of April 2023. Freedom Day.

The murder of Nkululeko Habedi, affectionately known as Flabba, inspired the group to give life to the upcoming studio album and the covid related passing of Nish (after a great deal of his contribution including naming the album) made it a critical matter that SVN is made available to the public ASAP.

SVN is a tribute to the group’s long-time friendship, experiences, dreams, shared conversations and a continued commitment to speaking one’s truth and producing art with high creativity, integrity, and deep passion, while remaining uncompromised, unfiltered, and uncensored for the many voices that resonate with the Kamp’s expression.

Their recent single, ‘In The Name Of Love reflects their journey, South Africa’s hip-hop history, how far we have come as a country, and a reminder that making music should be about more than fame. ‘Phezulu which is the lead single from the album, is a reminder that the Kamp has always been about being honest and relatable to the people that made Skwatta a movement and an institution.

The emotions that the beats evoked, the personal and collective experiences and memories that surfaced in the studio and the issues they are interested in conversing with South Africa are what inspired the 14-track masterpiece. Supporters can expect eclectic collaborations from Sketchy Bongo, Max-Hoba and more.

“What holds us together as a group and moves us to keep going is our common ambition to educate through music, the love and respect for each other, our people (music enthusiasts), our sense of family within the group and the unending desire to share different perspectives through our life’s journey with the music community. With this album, expect the same honesty and magic you have come to know and love us by.” said Nkosana Nkosi, also known as Bozza.

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Relo, Shugela, Bozza, Nemza, Slikour… Hauweng!!

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