January 2, 2024

Smaddy Wend | South African Rapper | Biography

Smaddy Wend (Real Name Muhlanga Nel) is a South African Rapper, born in Limpopo, he began his music career as a musician composure at the age of ten. His icon began to amount when he met Dollar Bill an upcoming producer who co-signed him to his label Black Growth Media.

In 2022 Smaddy Wend dropped his debut mixtape titled "Mr. Muhlanga" which featured a Deluxe Edition. In the mixtape he features artists from his village which includes Leon Hlabathi, Lester Matthews, Manotry & D$llar Bilĺ-Rsa. The Deluxe edition version included collaborations with JuicyKiller sa, SlayZane & Smacc LeHippie.

The mixtape features a hit song titled "Passion Fruit" featuring Leon Hlabathi, the song was the lead single of the mixtape & it reached streams from around the world, with Finland being the most streaming country.

Smaddy Wend's goal is to make it outside of South Africa, he doesn't want to be famous in his place of citizenship because he doesn't want to be the center of attention. His music reflects on the reality of his life, and he's willing to shed light on other countries to clear the beliefs & misconceptions of his country.

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