June 5, 2018

Socially Awkward RockStar EP

IMG 20180605 WA0014
The idea behind the the EP was me expressing my struggle with duality as the title states "Socially Awkward Rockstar" as I'm socially awkward to people that I don't know very well but I became some sort of a Rockstar around people I'm comfortable with, so inspiration of the EP came that there's even songs on the EP where the hook is calmer than the verse expressing the two sides of me even clearer
I worked with 808 $avage on the EPs most streamed song "20%" which features a close friend of mine Blacc Steve on backing vocals
"ILikeYouAlot" was produced by Ayecee Rxxkless and features him as he also did the hook on the song
"Rainbow Farts" was produced by Ali Baba, a producer and artist I'm looking forward to working with in the future
"Imagine" was produced by Jewice Knxws, the only person who isn't from EC on the EP
All my mixing and mastering was done by Saun Steezi
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