December 27, 2023

Stax Masiza | South African Rapper | Biography

Thamsanqa "Stax" Masiza isn't just an artist – he's a sonic voyager who has absorbed the rich musical tapestry of South Africa. Born and bred in the heart of Johannesburg, he came of age in the vibrant enclave of Dobsonville, Soweto, where the rhythms of life became his muse.

The roots of his musical journey run deep. At home, his mother's harmonious presence in the Dobsonville Methodist Church choir cast a spell on his young ears, while his late brother/cousin's eclectic collection of music kindled an insatiable curiosity.

In his formative years, Stax was gripped by a fervent desire to make his mark as a house music DJ. But destiny had a different plans. It was during his time at a boarding school that he crossed paths with a transformative circle of friends. These new companions breathed life into his love affair with Hip-Hop and Rap, and a passion was ignited that could not be denied.

In the embrace of this newfound passion, Stax fell head over heels for the art of rap – a love affair that compelled him to put pen to paper and give voice to his inner musings. His musical journey led him from the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the captivating backdrop of Cape Town, where he made a resounding mark. Collaborating with his close friend and main producer, M6Beats (Mbali Sixishe), he earned a spot in the top 5 of the prestigious Nash Records #FromMusicianToRockstar competition.

But Stax's journey didn't stop there. His music found its way into the heartbeats of clubs, high schools, community gatherings, and competitions across the Mother City. Now, he returns to his hometown, Johannesburg, with an unquenchable thirst for music that still burns brightly. Thamsanqa "Stax" Masiza continues to stoke the flames of his musical passion, determined to share his unique sound and story with the rest of the world!

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