August 11, 2023

Sticks | Tsonga Rapper from Tzaneen wishes to End Beef in his hood, How he got a name from Yizo Yizo Character, Ya Basuluka Ex + More

Sticks is PROMISE BVUMA, a South African singer & Rapper at RARA MUSIC, Born at TZANEEN in Limpopo Province on the 20th of May 1999


Who or what got you into hip hop?

2pac! My uncle's favourite Rapper, I was inspired by his songs because my uncle was always playing them.


What do you write about in most of your songs and why?

I write about love because It's a heightening of senses, an interruption of thoughts and a visitation from another world. They can bring you back to your happiest or, unfortunately to your saddest moments in life. Listeners relate to many different emotions in songs, love songs resonate, especially deeply because people feel love so deep. For general audiences, love songs are like greeting cards, they can help people express their feelings when words don't come easily.

What is the Good hiphop Bad Thing about Hip hop around your hood according to your experiences?

The good thing is that it inspires the people around Me (in My Hood) to do better in their Lives and go for their Dreams.
The Bad thing about Hip hop is that some use hip-hop for Competition and beef. Going against each other which end up causing division between their fans


Sticks… What is the story behind this stage name?

I was given the name Sticks by soccer players, I was once a soccer player, they said I looked like sticks, a Yizo Yizo drama character, that's where the name came from.


If there could be one thing you would like to change about Hip hop around your hood, what would it be and why?

I would kill the spirit of competition and introduce a unique hip hop style that will earn attention and respect again because fans are no longer paying attention to hip hop.

Which song made a lot of people to know and love Sticks?

YA BASULUKA EXMY First single Produced By COOL B FROM RARA MUSIC EARLY THIS YEAR. This a Song that introduced Sticks.


Few years to come, where will Sticks be?

I will be sharing stages with International Celebrities and Hosting Many Big Events


Who is your celebrity crush and why? Lol

Lerato Marabe, better known as Ntswaki from Skeem Saam. She's so cute, intelligent and Unique… Eish!!! she's sooo hot and charming

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Facebook - Sticks xakoh RARA Music


Who do you want to send your shout outs to?

Shout out to My friend and producer Cool B, Management team; Mr Mabasa A From Ka Bebs Village, Sponsor Twalatsa pub , My friend COMFORT, NICK BOY and Mr Mathonsi

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