February 1, 2019

TELLAMAN Finally Releases His Debut Album | GOD DECIDES! Here's All You Need to Know About The Story Behind This Album

SAMA and MetroFM Awards Nominee and household name, TELLAMAN has released his first full-length offering through Universal Music South Africa on 1 February 2019. The album, entitled ‘GOD DECIDES’ comes after the release of his current single and music video for ‘NO SHARING’ in 2018.

With every sound, lyrics, melody, instruments and song titles playing a pivotal role, the making of GOD DECIDES spanned over the course of the last two years for TELLAMAN. Self-produced and -recorded, he also roped in the assistance and knowledge of Owlethu ‘crownedYung’ Mthembu, Shekhinah, Nasty_C, Tay Iwar and Rowlene for the album.

Buy/Stream “God Decides” here: https://tellaman.lnk.to/GodDecides

“For the first time, I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I wasn’t trying to prove that I’m the best producer or writer. I just wanted to bring this idea to life and make sure that it’s exactly how I’d imagined it; if it sounds simple and cheesy or complicated and complex, that’s because I wanted it to sound that way.”

The inspiration behind the album is being in a relationship and trying to make it as a musician, two important aspects of life to balance, and something TELLAMAN has yet to figure out. GOD DECIDES is about TELLAMAN meeting a girl he believes he loves and trying to make it as a musician whilst trying to make both work and his relationship work, but she fails to understand, and the industry gets the best of TELLAMAN.

Based on his religious background, Tellaman titled the album GOD DECIDES.

“I was taught that I can only do the best I can and let God take care of the rest. I chose ‘God Decides’ as the title of my first album because I have always felt like somehow, I am not fully in control of everything that is happening in my life. I chose the name because I believe I would not be where I am in my life if God didn’t allow it and I wouldn’t have gone through things I write about if God didn’t allow it.”

Featuring TELLAMAN’s signature melodies, smooth vocals with instrumental highlights, the story of the album is the bigger picture, with each song being a compiled episode that forms the bigger picture. But most importantly TELLAMAN brings a simplicity in his music in which a young or old person can find something to relate to. Fans can look forward to a new insight into TELLAMAN’s life; a lot of flaws, love and hope in the form of the music from his debut offering.

“If you want to put a specific style to the album, you can call it ‘Hip Hop/RnB’, but I like to call it good music and just leave it there. This is my life from 2014 until the day I stopped recording it. My mistakes, my good and bad moments in love. I hope what I have gone through will help someone do or choose better than me.”

God Decides – Track Listing:

? Head over heels (Skit)

❤️ Are You With It?

??‍♂️ No Sharing (The distance)

? Whipped ft Shekhinah & Nasty_C

? World War III (Skit)

?? Extra

??‍♀️ Calm Down ft crownedYung

? Contemplating

? The Fall out (Skit)

? Crew Lit

? Petty

? If I Had A Type

???? Hit Me Up +27737088688

??????????? Rainbow Hoes ft. Nasty_C

? Spilt milk (Skit)

??‍♂️ Own Up

?? Cross My Heart ft Tay Iwar

⭐️ Note To Self (UDI) ft Rowlene

?? Perfect ain’t coming but we’ll be alright

⚽️ Practice (Bonus Track)

Press Images: https://umusic.box.com/s/nkw83gyy0h2d3onl28zrthfnj4cm40n3


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