February 2, 2020

The Rapper BhutiMnandi Talks How the Rap Game Changed and How to Get Recognition as an Upcoming Artist

Ayanda Dladla (BhutiMnandi), born on the 15th of August 1998. He's a South African Musician/Artist, song-writer, music director and performer who grew up in his hometown Mpophomeni. His journey as an artist began at a young age where he touched young souls in school talent shows. His first song was written in 2010 and recorded in 2011 on his 1st day at high school. The artist from a young age was already a performer you can watch, not only as a musician but a stage charisma. Besides music, he was recognized at an early age when he was performing stage dramas in grade 3 when the former premier of KZN Sbu Ndebele visited the school. In 2014 BhutiMnandi started becoming noticeable in the entertainment industry, more especially in his region during the boyznbucks days, he was compared to okmalumkoolkat from the style to the lingo. In his career he was alone but hustling his crew known as Records KZN from Pietermaritzburg.
In 2014 he dropped a single which saw him receiving few achievements.
What makes a Good performing Artist according to your experiences and opinions? 

Passion and the ability to share a feeling. You can be an artist but what makes you a great one is the capability of making another person relate to your art.
Who or what got you into music? 
I grew up in a music family. My uncle was a big Kwaito fan, I grew up listening to Mdu, Genesis, Abashante, Mandoza etc. I started getting into music in Grade 7 which was 2010, It was an Arts & Culture class I had to perform something than I performed a verse I got from my friend and everybody was amazed. That is when I decided that maybe I can try this because I  had music background since growing up.
You've been getting recognitions from a very young age, what is that one thing that is special about you that you get these recognitions? 
Creativity, I'm such a creative individual, the things I  do  are eye opening. I remember when I submitted my song for Hype Magazine New Comers Delight - I got a DM from Fred Kayembe who was then an editor, he just said "Boy! You got next". Ever since I  knew I had potential to keep achieving and hopefully more achievements are coming.
Who is your Main inspiration in the hip hop industry? 
There are two people!
First one is Kendrick lamar. He inspires me because he is very unique. Most people misunderstand him, his lyrics are deep and yet meaningful. He makes me want to challenge myself as a Rapper, for me he's the greatest.
And there is AKA... from him I like the hitmaking instinct, he has a very good taste when it's comes to choosing instrumentals to make a classic song. His music is so timeless and I draw that inspiration of making something that will last for me the next generation. Kiernan is the O.G
What are the struggles have you gone through  in this music journey and what would you say were your mistakes?
Getting radio airplay is very challenging especially for our genres and many artist can attest to this. My mistakes were I misunderstood the industry. The game changed so did the rules. In order for artist to get that airplay they need to pop on the internet first and they must have PR's and stuff. So yeah I think I missed that concept.
What is the Motive behind your Music concepts?
Mostly my concepts are things many people can relate too. When I make music I make it my own but as soon as I drop it, then it's no longer mine but people's music. It's only fair to make music they can relate too. So the motive is the ability to make another person relate to my art. Music saved my life, gave me direction in life and its gave me hope. I want that for someone too.
How is the response from family and friends towards your music journey?
At first it was hard at home. Things started to cool down when I got the interview on Ukhozi Fm and then everybody was like "Oh okay, so this thing of yours is going somewhere" but they are very neutral about it. All they wanted was for to go to school and graduate simple as that. As for my friends it's the culture because we rap to together. ?
Your latest project... What is the story behind it?
My latest is titled Ubunono Bekati and It's an EP. I came up with this name because on this project I will have 50% hip hop songs and 50% afro-pop songs. I am doing this because my crew is known to be versatile and mostly it style is afro-pop so most people want the BhutiMnandi from the afro-pop side while hip hop is my first love. Ubunono Bekati "it's doing it right and carefully" that how I even came up with the name.
Your stage name BhutiMnandi... how did it come about? 
I keep very cool company. I am fun person to be around with. Most of the time they call me Mnandi because one day I will grow to be an uncle so the Bhuti part of my name will no longer be valid lol.?
Shout Outs
Sending a S/O to everybody who is supporting me. Upcoming artist and everyone who is pushing the culture. Yours is coming. ??

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