January 7, 2019

The Rapper Hoantami Finally Drops His Debut Album "Based On Talent", Here's The Story Behind His Success

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Hoantami is a young and up and coming recording artist, Song writer, producer, entrepreneur and performer that hails from the capital City of Namibia (Windhoek).
Though I've been recording music since the age of 14, I have only released My debut album on the 31st of October 2018.
The title of the Album is “Based On Talent” or (B.O.T) in short.
Elvo and I were the executive producers on B.O.T and I've also worked with the award winning producer William_must_be_controlled on one Song .
B.O.T consists of 14 tracks and one bonus song.
There is a fusion of different genres on each Song on the Album and Variety of features from prominent artists such as Jericho, upcoming artists such Davodi from Rehoboth.
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What got you into Hip hop?
As a kid growing up, I always struggled to confidently express myself, I was encouraged to start conceptualizing my thoughts and ideas on paper before expressing them.. That initially is what set me on My path to discovering hip -hop. Through music, I found a comfortable medium to fully express My inner thoughts.
Who did you work with on your projects so far?
I've recently just dropped My debut album titled “Based On Talent”. The executive producer on the project is the legendary Namibian music producer Elvo. The multi talented and award winning producer Aka Dr Mavovo took me under his wing and mentored me through out the entire project. Elvo also took it upon himself to introduce me to a highly acclaimed hip hop living Jerico who needless to say was a ecstatic at the opportunity. Jerico ended up doing a verse on one of the Songs on the Album called FLAVA, it is the third Song on the Album that also features the highly talented Dj Dozza on it.
Legends you wish to work with one day?
It would be Great to work with Kanibal musically, he's unmatched in My opinion... facts !!hahaha ?
What's the Motive behind your Writings?
Through my music, I aim to motivate and inspire the youth. instil a sense of self confidence in them. Encourage the young ones to pursue their dreams with a combustible passion, stimulate their minds and push them to become the masters of their own destinies .
What keeps you going as an artist?
My personal motto is and has always been 'leave nothing to chance ' if you want it go get it.and thats just how i choose to live my life.
Follow Hoantami on:
Instagram : @hoantami
Twitter: @Hoantami
Facebook: @hoantami
Shout Outs
I'd like to take this opportunity and say thank you to each and every single person who ever contributed to my journey, everyone who bought an album, every downloaded Song, every shared post, every video view mentions I get, I am highly appreciative for your support, you are what fuels me and we only getting better thank you. ?

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B.O.T is available for free download on nambianmusic.com
Simply follow this link below

And for those that may want hard copies of the Album, my team and I have decided to print 300 copies (Limited Edition) . Making you one of the 300 people in the world to have a physical copy of My debut Album which I consider it as future classic .
You can reach out to me via my e -mail ([email protected])

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