December 5, 2018

The Rapper PhredGot1 to Run Namibian Hip Hop? - The New Guy 10/10 is here to Kick some...

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PhredGot1 is a rapper from Rundu, Namibia. Grew up and currently resides in Windhoek.
PhredGot1’s real name is Ndondi Fredrick Kandjembe. According to him, Ndondi’s perfroming name goes back to his days when he used to be a beat maker and people would say ‘’Phred you really got one on this beat
The Namibian rapper known as PhredGot1 hails from Suayemwa in Rundu. Clearly a talented writer, who was in a group named “Boyz 2 Die 4’’ that won the 2nd prize at a talent show while in primary school. He cites his main influence as a hip-hop/rap artist, he spent his youth listening to the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Michael Jackson just to mention a few.
After completing secondary school, he was working as a Sales Person while studying for IT part-time but later left school due to unforeseen circumstances.
A couple of years after meeting Hilifa94, PhredGot1 began to seriously concentrate his efforts on his passion for music. He went to producing and featuring on Hilifa94’s song titled ‘’We Never Change’’ on the ‘’Numbers and Levels’’ album and later featured on the mixtape ‘’Most Wanted 1.5 – Deluxe Edition’’. The buzz around this new talented Rundu-born rapper started to build and influential music industry artists and insiders were taking notice.
XCIV Sound signed PhredGot1 to a collective group of individuals striving for the same goal and started working on his promo project where he released his debut single ‘’The New Guy’’ on the 16th December 2016. He then went on to feature on John Gregorius song titled ‘’The Same’’ and shot a successful video. In 2017 he followed up with a new version of ‘’The New Guy 10/10’’ which went on the charts on Energy 100 radio for 6 weeks and on TaffyRaw top 20 countdown for 4 weeks. PhredGot1 was really building a reputation as the one to watch in rap and hip-hop as he collaborated with J Black on the official single for the promo project that was titled ‘’The Warm Welcome’’ which was released in June 2017.
The same year he performed at notable events such as, The Sneakers and Hip-hop Festival, the first ever Beat Battle hosted by XCIV Sound, TheFutureIsGiggz album launch and The Cypher volume 7.
He was still not done, he again dropped a mixtape which was titled God.Family.Music in December, having worked with Bobby WVDK and Handel Mahela. The song Price ft. Bobby WVDK was well received and featured on the Energy 100 top 10 charts for 7 weeks.
PhredGot1 has continued to grow as an artist and he has been working with Producers including Mamba’s Mansion, MotionTheProducer (PhredGot1’s brother) and 808Penda.
He is currently working on his debut album to drop before the end of this year.
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There are a lot of Rappers in Namibia and The World at Large, What makes PhredGot1 One in a Million?
I create a fusion of real rap and a twist of African tempo. Add of lyrics in my language which is luchazi.
Who do you wish to work with one of the good days in Namibia?
Jericho, he's had a massive influence in the music scene in Namibia
Namibian Hip Hop compared to other countries Hip hop, what's the difference?
Namibian hip hop is not as big as we want it to be in Namibia and Africa
What do you think of Namibian Hip hop? Is it on point or it needs a bit of polishing?
Namibian hip hop has grown over the years despite lack of funding. I would say we need good funding to address all the hiccups to enable us to compete on an international level.
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What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
Freedom of expression, the worst is influencing people with negative or degrading messages
Five years from now, where will PhredGot1 be?
My future plans includes world tours, being a qualified Sound Engineer and owning an independent record label.
If you were not into hip hop, where would you be?
Music production (Producer)
What is that one thing that you think people don't know about you that will shock them if they know?
What is the Motive behind your writings especially your latest track or EP?
My life and beliefs, if you persistently seek validation from others, you will invalidate your own self-worth.
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Wise Words
Hard work beats talent. Stay working to improve yourself and have a never give up mentality
Shout Outs
Lukuta 'X' Munyaza, MotionTheProducer, Sim Sima, Teddy Bizzy, Nashawn and the whole XCIV Sound Music Group
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Click on the links below for his new work and previous projects.
God.Family.Music mixtape released on the 18th of December 2017

The New Guy 10/10 music video released on the 24th of February 2018

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