January 13, 2019

The Rapper Seazer McCall to Start a Big Project Called "SEAZUS" to Help Youth and UpComing Artists Do Good

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The project is about a young South African kid born in a speedy life and finds himself caught up between himself and the cruel crooked world on New orders, depression, teenage-hood, politics, financial literacy and religious history then tries to overcome and understand how to stay innocent but free from how he's expected to.
Here's the main reason Why Seazer McCall Started this Project
I'm trying to bring both parents and the kids in a single room... get the parents to understand and acknowledge that their kids are growing in a new different lane and they should support and guide them instead of trying to own and control them denying them the chance to grow up, make mistakes and learn because that might chase them away and turn to dangerous situations trying to avoid being judged and called names.
What Changes will This project bring to the youth of South Africa?
This will help the youth understand that it's not always about being the best or the coolest or maybe even the smartest. It's all about being one with the one within you and being a teenager or a young adult is not easy... not everyone wants to see you do good, you won't always be happy all the time because humans are not the only and the smartest species in the universe... that we as the youth holds the future, therefore we should make it our priority to grow the economic state and free our parliament from any evil deeds or offenses if we can._*
Seazus… What’s the story behind this Project’s name?
Seazus is my AKA name given to me by my highschool buddy which originates from Seazer. So as time came by I looked at it as Jeasus for the Christian generation how he helped and was there for them, but I obviously it'dbe disrespecting for me to call myself Jesus so Seazus is the perfect fit for the character, I'm not imitating him though... I'm taking motivation from his history and previous deeds. So, all that he had done for the Christians I will try my best to do for the youth and the hip-hopians, the bravery and heroic behind the name motivated/pushed me to name this project Seazus.
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Who are the competitors of this Project?
Well... I don't see any competitors on this project because the message and the story telling is partly about me, I am unique so nobody can compete with my uniqueness and it's also about every concern in our country, everybody is talking about the nice expensive life they have or wish for and all these other typical girl hurts boy, boy loves girl and/or vise versa... so with my project is a different story. more like breaking every rule in the book to enlighten our South African youth.
For More information about the Project Seazus, Follow Seazer McCall on:
Twitter: @seazermccall
Facebook: Seazer McCall
Instagram: seazermccall_sa

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