July 18, 2019

The Rapper Sir Abster Shares the Experiences of the Good and the Worst in the Mzansi Hip hop Industry

What makes Sir Abster different from other Mzansi Rappers? 
Sir Abster embodies the true South African Aesthetic in its true artistic form, whether it be talking about how people have fun, representing true hardships around the townships, Sir Abster covers that in such a way that he reminds the next person that they are not their current situation they are who they make themselves out to be. To add on Sir Abster does a sound Called Straatmate a sound so distinct, grounded in its South African roots yet Sonically crafted and mastered by him and his Clubz Gang counter parts
What makes a great Rapper according to your option?
A Wise man once told me; Say what ever the F#ck you wanna say to who you wanna say it to and make sure the message sticks so in my opinion a great rapper is an individual that can view any situation and greatly express its result while using verbal skill,versatility and delivery as his main tool. To move the next person mentally, physically or spiritually . Thats my view!
What is the good and the worst thing about Mzansi Hip hop according to your experiences?
The great thing about Mzansi Hip hop is that its getting great recognition from all over the world and the time where it was being treated as a hobby or a senseless form of poetry is done!! To add on we are seeing a great influx of new rappers, this means more youth is being expressive and out spoken while their minds are vibrating with creative energy(this is a good thing). With that said i feel that Hip hop in Mzansi has no expanded industry,it still relies on the same platforms as its competitors to make profit. The underground scene is on a life line whereas thats where the roots of the movement were truly formed. Getting the amount of rappers to play on commercial spaces as an independent is very slim or down right impossible if you on the come up with no money. This proves to be a heavy handicap for the majority of Hip Hop makers in Mzansi.
How would you imagine life without Hip hop?
A crime infested life filled with uninspired decisions or a boring life behind a desk with no motivation of creating.
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What is the motive behind your writings on most of your tracks?
Well it differs from time to time cause the beat might one day be for a chilled relaxed sunday, the next could be for a great time at a party or i might be in my feels and wanna capture the moment  but one thing you will catch from my music is that i push positivity to the max.
Where do we see Sir Abster in the Near future? 
In the near future i will be dropping a series of projects, one is Groovey thats scheduled to drop on the 26th of July and there after a series of visuals to accompany the project. I am part of an initiative called The Hideout Sessionz (google me baby) where we host the craziest artists to have being birthed on South African soil and i would love to see it flourish all over Sa and Internationally so look out for that. You can also expect to see me on platforms such as these and on other nationwide platforms and the team is planning a tour so keep an eye out for that.
Sir Abster... What is the story behind this stage name?
hahahaha uhm my Name is Thabiso so usually thats a very common name and i remember when i started a friend of mine also Thabiso said "Man if yo also going to be rapping you cant have a name like Thabiso as a rapper, ThatsWack!" so it gradually changed to Tabz then abz then Swaggster(OMG) and then we settled for Sir Abster as form of being a knight among warriors. It has a sense of nobility hahahaha
If you were not into hip hop,  what would you be doing? 
I studied I.T System analysis, what that teaches you is to be techno savy, while managing projects and creating software. so I'd probably be solving problems at corporate companies relating to I.T
How is the response from your hood towards your Music?
Look people are forever referencing my songs every time we kicking it by the fire at the corner and people are buying my Cds, merch etc its mainly people from my hood and they keep telling me you should be on radio, tv blah blah blah so i would say the response is really dope. Its nice seeing people believing in you.
Shout Outs
Ahh hope I dont mess this up, I'd like to give a shout to:
My Clubz Gang Comrades awe!!!!
My Family and friends who mess with my music
For all the people who are invloved in my career i got mad love for ya
Enkei, Benny, Nem.i Tha Don, Fireman, Asap Shembe, Lobzine, Bluucheese, Chopsta, Mustbedubz, Gazol, Asap Nyamz Danger power Ranger and Thomas Hazey.
If missed you Hade mara Shout out to you for noticing.

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