May 18, 2018

The Story Behind KiD NiNO: A Guy from Limpopo Brings an Amazing Clothing Brand that will Change The Game

Ntsako also known as Chris Shikuhele was born and raised at Elim, a well developing village in Limpopo. I went to Lemana High School and came to JHB to further my studies. My first choice of study was Fine Art, however Life has a way of showing us that we cannot always have what we want therefore I had Graphic Design as my second option and I am grateful that I got to study it because of the outcome and many opportunities it has.
I have studied a Diploma in Graphic Design and Web Development at Rosebank College in Braamfontein. I completed and graduated in 2013. I have been doing professional designs from the moment I received my Diploma. Early 2013 I started designing for KiD NiNO Clothing and it was in 2014 October where I felt it was time to put it out there.

Who or what got you into Fashion?
Big local clothing brands and other international brands, I felt like I could also come up with something better and unique, something that I created on my own. Though it wasn’t easy coming up with the ideas and the concept but it was worth it.
What is the Best and worst thing about Fashion industry according to your experience?
For me, the worst thing about the Fashion Industry is when you are starting, convincing people why your idea will work is not easy until they actually see the final product and gaining their trust as well, it’s also really challenging to know where to get material for merchandise, there is also a lot of competition however that is also a good thing because there is no time to be comfy, you always have to be innovative, bringing new ideas to the industry which pushes you to do and be better than the next competitor and you get to meet new people with new ideas, I Remember meeting someone who got the merchandise from a guy, when she found out the I am the founder she was so excited and she said she couldn’t wait to tell her friends, that’s something I didn’t expect and it made me feel proud of what I am doing.

KiD NiNO, please take us to it, what is the motive behind the brand and who or what is its market target?
The motive behind the KiD NiNO Clothing is to help show anyone that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you want to achieve something you can, if you are really determined. I always thought that the target market for the brand would be the Hip-Hop industry, however the outcome proved me wrong and I am really glad it did, Now everyone wants to wear the brand regardless of the age group, race or gender.

What changes will Kid Nino bring to the Fashion industry in the near future?
As we know that South Africa is one of the countries with the high unemployment rate, I really hope that as the brand dominates, it will open more employment opportunities and give back to the community in every part of the country and hopefully other countries too.
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Follow KiD NiNO on;
I am currently based in JHB
Facebook: KiD NiNO
Instagram: kidnino_sa
Twitter: @Chris_Shikuhele
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Before and after you met Dala FAM, what is the difference?
Before I met Dala FAM the business was going well but the moment we joined forces things started popping up and that’s where I saw the true potential of what the brand holds. I always wanted to see what I have created/ designed to be aired on TV, and as time went by, after a year I met with Dala FAM it was aired on MTVBASE and Channel O and it is getting more recognition than it did before. I also have another musical artist by the name of De Mogul SA wearing and representing the brand clothing.

Word of Motivation
The world is full of creative ideas and innovations, start where you are, with what you have, Let no one tell you that you cannot achieve what you want to achieve, I am from a village and no one could have guessed that there would be a really nice Clothing Brand from where I came from, So go out, there do what you believe in, don’t wait for someone to believe in what you do, always believe in yourself and one other thing that we should always remember is that. We aren’t in this world to live forever but to create something that will.
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Shout outs
I’d firstly like to send a Shout Out to my parents for believing in what I wanted to do and not standing in my way of doing it and being the biggest fan of my work I truly appreciate it and I have no words that can describe that.
Secondly, Akani Gommy thanks for making it possible for me to meet up with Dala FAM and work together, now are not only family but business partners as well.
Lastly each and every one who sees the future in KiD NiNO Clothing without you guys KiD NiNO Clothing is only a dream that won’t come true but you make it possible, daily I get texts, Calls from different people telling me how good the brand is, they made it possible for me personally to see the dope-ness in the Brand cause I always thought it may not be good enough and they motivate me to do better that I have. Please continue supporting so we can grow. Shout out to Rap type Mag for the giving KiD NiNO Clothing the platform and tell the world more about it.
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