April 30, 2019

The Tembisa Visual Artist "P_Brain" Draws Cassper Nyovest, Reason, A Reece, Nasty C, Kendrick Lamar and Many More Awesome Rappers Portraits

My real name is Punguin sibisi I was born in 1998 on the 14th of February at Tembisa hospital, I am a self taught visual artist, I use pencil, pen and coloured pencils to draw. I also do painting. I started doing art at the age of 12 back in primary school and started taking it serious in 2017
I'm more interested in drawing portraits, I draw celebrities most, my love for hip hop made it easy for me to blend in drawing hip hop artist just to blend in and contribute to the culture of hip hop, I also draw other types of drawing not… only portraits.. I'm well know as P_Brain as it is the name I use wen presenting my artworks, I use it in all social media platforms (@p_brain sa art)
I'll Also like to get to venture in to graffiti artworks and also do tattoos as time goes on to get enough cash to purchase the equipment. Art is one of the ways I share my thoughts and feelings without having to say out a word
In art I can be able to congratulate the artists that are doing great in the hip hop space and I can also pass my condolences to rappers who pass on by doing a sketch of him or her... My dream is to be able to be recognized by those who are in the hip hop space and grow as an artist that has an influence in the hip hop space by means of doing sketches and also be able to do commission sketches for big names in the hip hop space
My wish is to have an art gallery in future that will be focusing more on uplifting the new artists to be able to get a platform to showcase their work to the public and be able to make a decent living though art
IMG 20190429 WA0010
Where do you get your inspiration from?
For most of my drawings I get inspiration from places, music, other artists works and everyday life in general
Who or what made you realise you’re calling for visual art?
From a young age I used to love drawing, so when I did my grade 11, I came across an art Facebook page of a guy called Ali, from there I sketched a drawing of Adele and never stopped drawing ever since .
Which drawing would describe as your best work so far?
A drawing of Kendrick lamer I did
IMG 20190429 WA0002
One of the Mzansi Hip Hop Artists “Reason” reacted to your artwork after you did his Amazing portrait, how was the feeling after that?
The feeling was very great and motivating it made me to never drop the ball
IMG 20190405 WA0033
What challenges do you mostly come across as a visual artist?
Lack of materials, space to work on, exhibition slots and getting clients who actually knows the amount of time n energy invested in each drawing for them to pay without discounts demands.
IMG 20190328 WA0009IMG 20190328 WA0011 IMG 20190328 WA0012IMG 20190331 WA0009
What message do you convey in your drawing graffiti or tattoos that you want people to take?
The massage I convey is that people must be true and not be afraid to express their true feelings.
IMG 20190429 WA0003IMG 20190429 WA0004
For anyone at home who has a gift like yours how would you encourage them to follow their dreams?
I would encourage them to never ignore their dreams and to be fully committed to their gift n grow it ..
If there is one thing that you have learned about being an artist what would you say it is?
I’ve learned to be patient, each drawing needs time.
If you ware not a visual artist what would you be? or what are your other skills besides drawing?
I would be a musician.
What more would you still like to achieve as an artist with your craft?
I would like to have my own studio and to exhibit worldwide artworks.
Follow P_Brain on:
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: p_brain sa art .
Shout Outs
My mom, siblings and my friends.
IMG 20190328 WA0007
By Mapitso Rathebe

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