December 9, 2019

TiMO ODV Rleases New Club Single "All I Want"

Multi-platinum selling musician TiMO ODV, who burst onto the scene in 2015 with his smash hit Save Me – a track which solidified him as one of the most exciting artists on the South African dance scene – returns with a fresh new single.
Stream/Listen to “All I Want” Here:
ALL I WANT is a tech house club track and one hundred percent a TiMO ODV creation – a feature which has set the self-taught DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter apart from the outset. “I’m different from other artists because I do everything myself,” he explains. “Most artists will look for a singer for their beat, or singers a producer for their voice. I am the producer, singer, composer and mixing engineer all on one song.”
Other than saying that it “came together really nicely”, he is not giving much else away about ALL I WANT. However, fans can undoubtedly look forward to the unique, edgy and underground sound which not only established him as a titan of the dance scene, but which also earned him commercial acclaim.
ALL I WANT follow in the exciting footsteps of previous releases, including Dancing Again, Move, Make You Love Me, and more, which have all had millions of hits on YouTube.
The gifted young artist – who simply decided one day that he wanted to be a music producer and then proceeded to make it happen – initially taught himself production before turning his attention to music theory, instruments and singing. In four short years (he signed with Universal Music in 2015) he has earned millions of streams and track downloads and secured his place on the play lists of clubs and local dance music enthusiasts.
This success, he says, can be attributed to the fact that South Africans love bass and dance music. “We are also slowly finding our own voice and our own sound, which makes the dance scene an interesting place to play in.”
While he has achieved tremendous chart success and raked in the accolades, the highlight of working in the industry “has to be some of the amazing places I’ve been able to DJ at and travel to because of music,” he says.
Considering TiMO ODV’s track record, ALL I WANT is guaranteed to bring the house down. In addition, his endlessly growing fan base can look forward to more from the artist next year. “I am currently working on more new music and hoping to produce an album I’m proud of in 2020.”
Twitter: @TiMOODV
Instagram: @timoodv

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