December 1, 2016

Tony Lebea's Interview

Tony is a young boy who was raised in a township called Winnie mandela but I am originally from Bolobedu in a village called Jokong. I am a multi talent boy i am a writer, a film maker , Photographer, dancer and an actor.
Why photography?
What got me into photography? actually let me say media world in every time when i watch a movie or drama at the end of it when they names of people behind the film appear i could see my name “Tony” that’s what made me to be into this world
Besides Photography, what else does Tony do?
Beside photography i works at OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL  AIRPORT as Anassistence Tech. And i am currently running a small business called Lebea Production.
What makes Lebea Production different from other productions?
Lebea Production is a small business which does things in a different way i can say we  are versatile. We think out of the box and we are not focusing on doing films photography we also do so graphic we design posters cd covers. We are a production which is giving back to the community. Our aim is to put Winnie Mandela into recognition to the world due to the talent we are having  in our community
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this photography industry?
Lol i have worked with few . But i would say the most amazing people and their organizations are . Emlia from Pic Perfect Modelling Agency, Thabo from Thabo C studio, & last i have worked with Jabulani Jay from Rap type Mag and among all these people  Jabulani is the most craziest guy i worked with
One word to describe Tony?
Dream Chaser
How do you see Lebea Production in the near future?
I see Lebea Production dominating Winnie Mandela
How do people reach Lebea Production if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
Facebook : Lebea Production.
What were the great moments that you experienced that you felt like they were a great achievements?
When i first did my short film with kids i met on the street. That was wow i could say
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Tony, how can you motivate them?
Never limit yourself from your  dreams. I always tell this to all people i work with that “A trip of a thousand miles start with only one step”. Just press the start button to your dreams and don’t look back
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Shout out to my family and friends out there… And shout out to everyone who knows me in Jokong
(Bonus) Tell us about one huge embarrassment during your high school times, what happened?
Ha ha ha come on. Anyway is when i got slap by a girl during lunch time after  going after her, telling her that i love her for almost a month and her answer was no, so I got slapt in front of evryone

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