October 7, 2016

Tory Blaze's Interview

Tory Blaze is a musician from a small village called N'waxinyamani but currently residing in Olieven Hout Bosch. I’m in the music industry, my speciality is Hip Hop/rap and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember.
Who got Tory Blaze into the hip hop game?
I was born under a family that loves music, so somehow I was destined to be a musician too. I mean at the age of 7 I was writing my own music but back then I had no intentions of pursuing it as a career. I got deep into music at the age of 16 I don't even know exactly how it happened but a friend of mine who was already deep into music played me one of his songs. All I've been doing was writing music so I thought to myself "why don't I record this?” We arranged a recording session with him. The song was extremely boring ha ha… but this didn't make me quit. I went back to the studio on the second day and we recorded a song called "Keep pushing" to my surprise the song received a positive response from local listeners. I made my name in N'waxinyamani with my second record. That's when I started being recognized by local artist and from there I've been chasing this rap dream
Who is your Inspiration?
I wouldn't specify exactly who inspires me but there are a lot of people in the music industry I look up to.
What is the Motive behind your writings?
Most of the times I write about what I've been through and what I want to go through but the real reason why I write music is that I want to inspire people, I want to motivate, I want to free people’s minds, I want the people to know that anything is possible if you give your full effort and never give up, I want someone to look at my life story and be like "wow that kid really made something out of nothing". So basically the people are the motive behind my writings. I represent people who are striving to achieve something in life
How is the Response from Family and Friends on this Journey of yours?
My family

fully supports the fact that I am a musician even though I never get to see them as much as I'd like to. They’ve accepted that I was born to make music and my pops has also been very supportive actually he's the one who made me realise that I can make something out of this. As for friends ha-ha I don't even know how to explain it, is like everyone just wants me to be a musician. They do their best to make sure my music is out there. They even get angry when they see me losing focus or passion. My friends always remind me of who I am and I'm very thankful to have them
Who are the great guns you ever worked with in the game?
Even though they are on a higher level compared to mine I don't see them as great I see them as people who have pushed harder than me and I also have to push. Namely *Kwesta* who I opened up a stage for in OHB at a drug awareness campaign. I've also worked with Back To The City producer finalist  2014. It was ok but to be honest to me it felt like working with any other artist, I learnt something new like I always do from any other artist but no doubt it was fun
One word to describe Tory Blaze?
What are your Childhood embarrassing memories?
Ha ha ha… Not that I can think of or should I say not that I'm tryna remember Lol next question please
What can we expect from Tory Blaze?
I don't want to talk too much about my next project all you have to know is that I'm working on being myself hey I've been through a lot trying to break through into the mainstream. I almost lost my soul trying to fit in with the "cool kids" you can hear it from my last releases that my sound took a 180 degrees turn from what I truly am. Right now you can expect Rito Baloyi to be Rito Baloyi after all that's who I am. Take a hint
Tory Blaze’s word of Motivation?
To anyone wishes to be like me, I thank you. We share the same dream we are them 3 o'clocks and my message to you is; be yourself, work hard and be consistent. The hustle never stops. We them 3 o’clocks yeah
How do people reach your work?
On the page you get the full updates to my whereabouts and what I'm doing, New music and so on, here is also a download link to my latest release;
Https://www.datafilehost.com/d/cfb053f0  with over a thousand downloads, the support is crazy
Shout outs
I'd like to show love to the people who support my music, those who have been supporting me throughout. Those who know about me and also those who are yet to know about me
Drop it like I’s hot Tory!!
My name is TORY,
Most rappers say they kings but when it comes to battling me they'll always come up with STORIES.
Maybe I'm just too much for them or maybe they are just sleeping specialists Course all their new songs got me SNORING.
Ha ha I don't even know who to give the BLAME,
Try to throw SHADE watch it bounce back to you with twice the force it'll end your DAY.
I've never had an X-box so you already know I ain't playing no GAMES.
There’s my sick verse, signed, sealed and delivered. TORY BLAZE
Tory Blaze thank you so much for your time, wishing you all the best of luck on your journey and keep on with your good work. God Bless you!
It's always pleasure. Thank you Jay for the opportunity, I hope Rap type Mag grows into everything it's supposed to be… Thanks to the rest of the Rap type Mag team.
--- End ---

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