August 6, 2020

Tsonga Female Rapper "Socha" Unlocks Doors for her Rap Career | Waar Was Jay now out ft Chezman

Tinyiko Msaveni aka Socha (Queen Bee), a Female Tsonga Rapper Born on the 25th of January 1988 at Vhufhuli Hospital, parents; Lucy and Freddy Msaveni
Socha is from Makahlule Ntlhaveni Block H under Malamulele
Attended school at Makahlule Primary School and Nwanati High School, She studied Tswelopele Nursing and Helene Fuld College of Nursing.
Socha started her singing career at age of 12 as chorus leader at her Local Church's Sunday School...
"I have three albums : First one I released in 2013 called My Hero produced by Cruize Mathew Bila
2018 I dropped a single called Dangerous ft Cvp and Macedo Mrapper wa Mabovha produced by Clein Bouy
Second album called Ani ku koloti produced by Livewell and Ndzilo wa Mbhanyele
2019 I signed contract under Khalanga Records managed by Michael Hlungwani...
I released a single called Socha ra Nwasati and official music video also... Single produced by Mzitho Beats
2020 I released a single called Waar was Jy ft Chezman under Khalanga Records produced by Clein Bouy...
Same year 2020 I dropped an EP working with Various Artists including the likes of; EmC Style, Deon and Chezman and an official music video of Waar was Jy that is available on YouTube....
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You Started off by singing at Church, Who or what got you into Hip hop?
I was a person who used to listen to hip-hop music and my favourite artist it was Missy Elliot. So Missy is the one who made me got in this Rap Game
Your Music Career vs Your Academics, how do you balance the two?
Music is my passion, My Career is as well... I love music but I know how to handle my Academic because i have the schedule of My Music and Life.
What is the Good and the Bad thing about the Hip Hip as a Female Rapper according to your Experiences?
The Good thing about Hip-hop; I like any kind of hip-hop that I think displays talent craft and sublime... Way it gets hooked into your brain ..
The Bad thing about Hip-hop is when people forget doing good music and start to impress their fans by beefing each other with personal life...
The experience that I have in this game is... It's not easy to be a Rapper as I'm a female artist...
People undermine and Disrespect you... so I'm brave enough
If there would be One thing you could change in the Hip hop World... what would it be?
As a Tsonga Rapper, I would like to change or stop using a English words when we are presenting Tsonga rap.
Few Years from Now, Where Will Socha be?
In few years I will be hustling so I will get through anything now...
Your Latest EP... how is it different from the previous ones and how was the experience working with Various Artists, especially the track "Waar was Jy" ft Chezman that you've just dropped a video of?
My latest Album is different from the old one... That time I was doing Music without a Manager... It was tough to get things through..
And the another thing on my first songs, hip-hop was there but I was scared to prove myself that I'm a rapper ...I used to sing a lot...
And when it becomes to working with Various Artists, it is a brilliant art form in itself... I was trying to do something different to my fan's ears... EMC Style and Deon worked hard on My EP...
And a Jam Collaboration with Chezman on Waar was Jy was a nice one
How is the Response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?
Seriously My Friends and Family probably won't understand this, and they'll expect you to have regrets that you're not famous.. They'll think that you didn't succeed because you didn't reach the billboard chats...
Even if they've known you their whole life they think you aren't a serious artist. Even friends won't stand by my side...
Socha... What is the story behind this stage name?
Socha means Soldier, I'm a fighter not a quitter... I'm a woman I can do everything a Man can do. I will protect this industry of music, That's why I'm calling myself socha.
How is the Lockdown affecting your music Journey?
Since the Corona Virus crisis began it is tough but Music has not stopped. It is a little bit harder to make it. No events for performance no money..
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