July 30, 2023

Tsonga Rap Freestyle Cypher | Mfana ka Mahumani - Hidden Talent Exposed | Hot or Nah? #RideOnMyBeat

We took a walk in the streets of the villages ka N’waxinyamani in Limpopo searching for Tsonga Rappers to ride on a Random beat.
We didn’t find any rapper who was willing to rap but one rapper from Chavani village came and represented N’waxinyamani for that day due to missing the session we had at Chavani the previous weekend.


Mfana ka Mahumani started spitting amazing bars on a random beat and we had a beautiful session

Session - Ride On My Beat
Host - Jabulani Jay
Video - Em Jay
Hype Man - Nsovo 

Watch the Full Video on the Link Below ⬇️

IMG 7437

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