February 9, 2024

Tsonga Rapper - Mazola Killa Mezzy Speaks on Why he’s Called “2 Pac wa Mutsonga” | Cork Trust | Bornfire OvG + More

Mazola killa Mezzy (Real name Surprise Madonsela) well-known as “2pac Wam'Tsonga” is a Rapper born and raised in Mpumalanga in a very small village called Cork Trust, which falls under the Bushbuckridge Region. Mazola is an employee at Sabie River Bush lodge, he is a clothing designer of Tribal wears and the lead rapper for Bonfire OvG.

Who or what got you into hip hop?

I got into hip hop because of the likes of 2pac Shakur, Notorious Big , Snoop dogg, Dmx and many more rappers who rocked the game in the early 90's. However Pro-kid was the real motivation and inspiration behind it (RIP to him). 

What is the good and bad thing about being a rapper around your hood?

The good thing about being a rapper around my hood is how they welcome me as their own (which makes it easy for me to relax on stage and give it my all). They show me love and appreciate my hardwork. They understand the language I rap in and they always pull up at my gigs. The bad thing is when you release a track and people start thinking it is directed to them whilst Its not, which creates bad vibes and ruins relationships because real support starts where you come from; which is your hood. 

Which song made people love and know Mazola Killa Mezzy?

"Pfuka Josefa" from my EP FNB

How is the response from family and friends towards your music journey?

My family didn't understand when it all started but now they happen to be my number 1 supporters . My friends had my back throughout.

What is the story behind  the stage name Mazola Killa Mezzy?

Mazola was my fathers nickname Mezzy is Mazola inspired by Wezzy F Baby (lil wayne) then killa comes from my killer bars. 

Why do they Call you Tupac wa Mutsonga?

The name came from old folks around the hood , coz I resemble 2pac my raps motivate and inspire a lot of people

What happened to Bornfire?

Nothing happened, we are still a family, pushing individually yes- but currently working on an album titled " Bread winners" as Bornfire OvG.

What is the one thing I wish to change about Tsonga Rap?

There's none to change. Too bad tsonga rap is underrated but i'd love to see a lot of tsonga rappers being more versatile and take this rap international. 

Shout Outs

I'd like to send a shout out to God, My producer (Tag), all the Tsonga Rappers and Trappers, My family, friends and Supporters. 

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