June 16, 2019

Two Same Aged Rappers "The Roniics" to Take Over the Duo Rap Industry

The Roniics Is a hip hop duo made of rapper
Kroniic and Ironiic both based in Pretoria mamelodi east and are both of same age.
In 2017 The Roniics formed a Crew a Crew Called 012Gobliins.
The Crew was an art inspired group of teenagers striving for success, On The 1st of April they recorded their hit single 15shots in polokwane

The song took the internet by storm and caught Nveigh's attention to retweet the song.
On the 3rd of April 2017 they released yet another Hit single called Hungry Moves
in 2018 They Received their first deal to a label Trap Gang Associations which paved them a way to be recognized by a label in Johannesburg Called Studio Scene Entertainment.
In 2019 The 10th of May The Signed to the label and Won a music Video Competition.
On The 25th of May 2019 they Recorded The Video and On the 14th of June the video was released on YouTube
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Who or what got you guys together? 
We Grew Up together since elementary school
What is the main theme of your music? 
Hip Hop that could embrace the youth to do
better with their lifestyle rather than destroy it and do drugs
Who is your main inspiration into this hip hop game as a Duo?
We mainly our inspiration we inspire each other to do better in the word
Do you guys always do Duo or you also have solo releases?
We also do shows together but each one has his own singles n tapes
What is the good and the worst thing about hip hop according to your experiences? 
How the south African industry sleeps on the talented youth in our country n lift people with no passion in music
Few years from now, where will you guys be?
Somewhere around places in Africa that
struggle to see light
Congratulations on winning the music video competition, how did you guys compile such amazing video and how was the experience and feeling of winning the competition? 
The Feeling was normal because we experienced difficult times in our music for us to be humbly calm and manage to release a video with merely a group of 20people
How is the response from your surroundings towards your music journey? 
Pretoria Showing much love to our music as
they say our sound is unique n it does not need no filters to make us sound better we originally music gifted
What makes The Roniics different from other hip hop Duos? 
We each have a way of healing emotions (We made our style, we never copied no one in our music journey were unique)
Shout outs
Studio Scene,Trap Gang Association, Jane, Anele and Remedy we love and respect yawl guys

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