January 9, 2024

Tzaneen Rapper - DASHBOYTHEPLUG wishes to get recognition from Zoocci Coke Dope | Rap Experience in His Hood + More

Eminem got me into Hip Hop! When I first heard “Not Afraid” I got hooked I was so moved by the song and I thought it was so cool and I started doing it 

What achievements have you had through Hip hop?

Non big YET but I'm coming for everything 

What is the good and the bad thing about being a Rapper around Tzaneen?

The good part is the love we get from the kids, seeing kids look up to you is cool no cap but its all responsibilities and setting a good example. 

The bad thing is that people don't work with each other,  there's a lot of talent but everyone wants to make it on their own 

What is this one song that made a lot of people to know or love DASHBOYTHEPLUG?

Neen Ghost & Na Hisa

How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?

My Mom is very supportive and My old man is getting used to it now; but at first he wasn't.

DASHBOYTHEPLUG… what’s the story behind this stage name?

Long story short,  So the name DASHBOY, i was given by my High school principal, Me and My friends got caught with bottle of alcohol at school and I was the one who bought the Dash

What is this one thing you wish to change about Mzansi Hip hop?

Nothing I want to change just yet, for now I just want to charge into the game and bring a different type of sound into SA Hip Hop fusing it with my home language Xitsonga

What do you Love Most about your fans when you are on stage?

I love the energy they give back when I’m performing. When they sing along it gives me life.

Which SA Rapper do you wish you could reach out to and why?

Zooci Coke Dope is one of my Idols when it I would be a dream come true if I could work with him on a project if not projec(s).

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you as a Rapper?

Cozy date with my girlfriend, get her some flowers and take her out to eat. Dash is a lover boy


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