May 22, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - Preddy Bone RSA shares a story on how Priddy Ugly inspired him in the Rap Game

My name is Monyela Cedric Lethabo (Preddy bone Rsa), I am from Botlokwa (Matoks) Ga-machaka, a village located in the outside of Polokwane. I am currently a student at University of Venda studying Bsc in Urban and Regional Planning. I am a Hiphop artist doing hiphop music.

Who Got you into hip hop?

I was introduced into hip hop music back in 2013 by my cousin and his friend who took me to the studio to record my first song after i heard them playing their own songs from their smartphones.


What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

The good thing about hip hop or music as a whole from where i come from is that; it is supported by the municipality under department of arts and culture by hosting events and inviting artists to come and showcase their work, and also by hosting awards events where they encourage upcoming artists and award them as a token of appreciation towards the effort they put into their crafts. And the bad thing is that hiphop artists find it very difficult to get more audience and attention nowadays since the new genres of music has been introduced and they have been dominating in the country for the past few years.


What do you write about on most of your songs?

My songs or my music as a whole it’s sometimes driven by my emotions, what i see, what i hear from people and also about what i think about ( dreams and desires).

What is the One Song that Made a lot of People know or Love Preddy Bone RSA?

The song that made lots of people know me was my first song titled “ let’s go” which I recorded with my friends back in 2013. But unfortunately the song didn’t go live because at that time i didn’t have much background knowledge about the music industry and that’s how most of my songs which i had recorded ended up lost and couldn’t be traced.


How is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

My Univen mates respond really good towards my music, those who know about me support by streaming my music online and following my social media artist pages. They show love towards me and my music by sharing my songs and posting to let others know about it.


Preddy Bone RSA; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

As I started my music journey I used to go by the name of T bone, but when time went by I became a fan of Priddy Ugly and I really liked his name. And when I searched through the internet I found out that there is also another rapper by the name of “T bone”, so to avoid contradiction for my supporters,I had to find an alternative name they could identify me with and access the right stuff in-terms of my music, so that’s when I came to name myself Preddy Bone Rsa after the well known rapper Priddy Ugly.


How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

I put more focus on my academics then I do my music in my spare time or during the holidays.


Few Years to Come, Where will Preddy Bone RSA be?

In few years to come I wanna see myself as a successful award winning music artist and also a successful business man as you cannot only guarantee your music career to make a living.

Follow Preddy Bone RSA On:

Facebook - Preddy Bone Rsa

Instagram - @preddy_bone_rsa

Twitter - @preddy_bone_rsa

Shout Outs

I would like to send a shout out to each and everyone who is pushing music or who is a hustler out there,to keep on pushing, keep on putting more hardwork, never stop grinding and make sure to follow your dreams at all times moreover always remember that dedication, consistency and hardwork will pay one day, and last but not least don’t forget to pray.

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