May 13, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - Trippie Dollar expresses his Skills though his EP | Did it for Venda Today

Success Phumudzo Mulaudzi aka Trippie Dollar is a Trapper from Venda in Limpopo but Was Raised in Midrand (Gauteng)

Trippie has been doing Music for a while and currently studying B.Com in Accounting.

• Who Got you into hip hop?

I would say I got the influence from a place I grew up in, Midrand is a place where hip hop dominates and I got inspired by the likes of Migos, J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Baby

• What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

I would say; the Good thing about hip hop is that… it has given a lot of people opportunities to express their talents, it has given hope to people with no hope through the messages that they receive from the songs, I would say it has motivated a lot of people, however ; the bad thing is, it influences a lot of young stars to take drug substances thinking they are “cool” and everything...

• Your EP - Did it for Venda Today; How the whole project come about?

Did it for Venda Today is a project that took me a lot of time to bring together, the songs in it are personal, it's all about me exposing the talent in venda, I feel like it tells a story that even those from the deep hidden rural side can make it. it's more like… it is the voice of people who feel like they can express their feelings because of their backgrounds. That one is my next EP and it is entitled “Venda to the World”

• How is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

They really love the music that I bring because it's different, it can motivate and make you realize how far you have come to quite now, and I really appreciate the love I get

• Trippie Dollar; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

The name Trippie Dollar name… I’m an ambitious man and I always wanna trippie every dollar. I would say “trippie” means energy because I have too much energy myself. dollar would say wen it comes to money, I’m energetic homie, it makes sense but before “trippie dollar” it was just “dollar”

• How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

I would say the music takes much of my time you know but recently I have came with a strategy that I should do my music during weekend and my school work during the week. Sometimes it's hard to balance the two but at the end of the day, I wanna succeed in both things but mostly in music

• Few Years to Come, Where will Trippie Dollar be?

I feel like my music is elevating each and everyday, the more i make music, the more I get better. surely would say I see me on a different league that I’m in right now

• Who do You want to Send Your Shout Outs to?

Shout out to Malumuz, Hunchos Munchies, Big Nikker, Chiz Nuz, everyone showing me love, all my fans from the south to the east, my fam and last but not least… Rap type Mag for this opportunity


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