May 23, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - UNCLE Ed’s fans find it hard to believe He’s the one Rapping

Nsovo Knowledge Nxumalo aka UNCLE Ed is a Rapper from a small village called Maromeng in Mpumalanga in a small town called Acornheok. Currently studying Horticulture ar Univen

Who Got you into hip hop?

My cousins got me into hip hop, I grew up in a family where we did music of different genres but my older cousins where into hiphop more than other genres and that's how I ended up in hip hop, they'd play their songs every night when we about to sleep and it was nice.


What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

The good thing about hiphop in my hood is that it connects people, Teens do meet in large numbers to to perform and that's mostly how I met some of the rappers I know and it's sooo entertaining to see someone really chasing their dream.

The bad thing about hip hop is that most rappers think “you have to be on weed to be able to rap” which is bad you can do it sober.

What do you write about on most of your songs?

So far I've mostly written about heartbreaks and being in love but I do have other genres besides hip hop which have a different message.

What is the One Song that Made a lot of People know or Love UNCLE Ed?

I don't think I'm at the point where I can say I'm loved by a lot of people, only few know me because I’m rebranding myself and still working on that and I see growth every day

How’s is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

I had feed backs like ,"Your songs should be played on tv", " Keep pushing, keep going, you are good", "You got potential”, "You're dope", and at a point where I played them my music they'd say; "you capping that's not you" some even said I sound American so the feed back has been positive.


UNCLE Ed; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

The name UNCLE Ed. I took it from my uncle who's name is Edmon, so I took the first two letters and took his title "Uncle", he's my uncle in real life and that's how it came about, I chose this name because at a point in life back about 5 years, he said something to me that really got me through hardships, his words were "Learn to accept situations, if you don't have something, you don't have… accept " I paraphrased.

How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

I do music during holidays, every single day of the holiday, I have a bedroom STUDIO so whenever it's day, night or morning, if I play a beat and think of something, I record, Then during school days I'm studying.


Few Years to Come, Where will UNCLE Ed be?

In few yrs to come, I'll be a mainstream artist, to be realistic, I will have blown up, I belive God has a plan for me,I wanna be big in 3 years, I wanna blow up this year or next year that's, the record I have set for myself and it'll work.


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Shout Outs

Shout to Sleek Th'Captain, (he taught me everything i know about music), Shout to CeeZwe (learned alot from his music) , shout to my boys Meigo, Si6teen , Maestro & The Dope Candidate & Also shout out to my fam, they never tried to stop me from doing music, also shoutout to everyone who took interest in my music and checked me up I highly appreciate the support you have no idea.

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