May 15, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - Y.o.uNG_sa Shares How he Compiled his EP “Attitude and Values”

Sinethemba Siyasanga Booi aka Y.o.uNG_sa from Eastern Cape, I study Environmental Science and I'm a Rapper

Who Got you into hip hop?

My older brother got me in to hip hop, He's 2 years older than me. he's no longer a Rapper though, He's now my manager and my producer

What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

The good thing about hip hop is that it's the “next wave”, the bad bad part of it is that people don't believe in it

Your EP - Attitude and Values ; How did the whole project come about?

The project was to tell people that with the values and the attitude we have, we gotta strive even during the struggle. we were broke waiting for NSFAS money, we made close to 13 songs, we only chose 6

How is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

They really believe in me, that's why I'm always trying to build myself

Y.o.uNG_sa ; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

I probably look 26 or something, and im younger than that, I'm the youngest from my team "w.Bullyz and BO¥ZN GvNG" it's the 14 of us on the team

How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

It's a balanced equation bro, but for now I’m prioritising school just to get the degree and go hustle freely

Few Years to Come, Where will Y.o.uNG_sa be?

If few years to come I'll be on the map, changing lives, the whole world will know me

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Shout Outs

Shout to my Mother, to my clique "w.Bullyz and Boyzn Gang", my cenamentographer "Swarae @wrgp_krew", & A-Reece

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