December 3, 2019

Visual Artist Mawethu Xozwa Draws Cassper Nyovest, Oskido, Black Coffee, Wiz Khalifa and More

Mawethu Xozwa from Mthatha but currently staying in Johannesburg Tembisa is a young and upcoming Visual Artist.
Xozwa was born with this gift but noticed how good he was at the age of 18 when his Grandma used to motivate him to work hard and give all he can to his work
"So now I have decided to take this talent to the next level and be serious about what God has given me...
All I'm asking for now is for someone who can help me to get sponsors or maybe a scholarship so that I can try and do more professional work." Says Mawethu
"I currently work by getting people who want to be DRAWN but I unfortunately don't get anything from that
I'm trying and working hard to improve my work so that I can get money to buy good material and do more professional Artworks
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What is the Good and the Bad thing about Visual Arts according to Your Experiences?
The good thing about Visual Art is that I enjoy it and I take all my time to meditate on my Artworks... and of course I'm doing what I love
-And the Bad thing is that I'm currently not getting anything from it.
While I get people who ask me to draw them but find it a bit hard to pay
How is the Response from Family and Friends towards your Artworks?
I get a lot of support from my family and friends. The way I get this support, everyone wants to do something to help me grow my dream. I really appreciate having them in my life
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If you were to Save the World through Art, What would you do?
What i would do to save the world through art?!.. Mmmmh!?... I would advise all schools to train and teach youngsters about Art... Most of the time, we black youth find it hard to get things like these in our communities. The Youth need it so that they can learn more and Achieve their Dreams trough Art
Few years to come, Where will Mawethu be through Visual Arts?
Only God knows ?
What Makes a Good Visual Artist in your Opinion?
Working hard and believing in yourself... give all the time you have and respect your work, then you will make a very good Visual Artist in the future ??
To someone out there who wishes to be where you are, what Wise words can you advise them?
To people who are out there who wanna be where I am... Just believe in yourself, never let anyone tells you that you can't do it.
And the strong thing is... You need to PRAY
Your craft... DRAW ME... What's the story behind it?
DRAW ME is all about making people happy, see the beautiful side of Art and have a picture of you or your loved ones in the Artworks??
-So the reason why I Named it DRAW ME is that; I used to get a lot of people who always asked "Can you please DRAW ME?" I took that and made it a brand name coz everyone gets happy after I've DRAWN them ?
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What help do you need and what will you do if you get this help?
Now I'm in a need of sponsors or a scholarship to start my own Business and Brand of T-shirts and Cups, I'll also open my own tattoo shop.
Out of All Your Artworks, Which Artwork would you are as your best and why?
2019 12 02 20.33.47
(what you get for exposing crime)
- This Artwork talks alot about the abuse that we get from the law when we talk or expose crime and the corruption that is happening
Shout Outs
I would like to send a Shout out to my family, the whole family of Xozwa, I love them
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