February 15, 2019

Vutlhari Cash Baloyi Presents "Cash Music Production" for Upcoming Artists

Cash Music Production started after spotting some of the local artists such as TONYBOY, EMCSTYLE, STUNNAKING, JUICY ASH etc. who are talented and have passion with what they do when it comes to music but not getting anywhere due to lack of resources, sponsorship and record labels, then I approached a guy well known as Patrick Nkanyani The Manager and the CEO of Xitsakisi Music Production, He’s the one who advised me to start my own company and even today he’s still growing me as I am still new and learning on how to manage artists.

IMG 20190214 WA0020

What services do you offer at Cash Music Production for?
In terms of music we do Recording, Publishing, and Video Shooting.

How many artists did Cash Music Production sign have so far?
So far, it’s four artists under Cash Music Production, but aiming for the bigger number next year if we sport one or more artists who are passionate in music industry and willing to work with me.

What kind of artists does Cash Music Production sign?
Someone who has respect, motive and committed I don't look at the genre of music NO, I accommodate everyone even if it’s a reggae artist.
What are the minimum requirements for an artist to be signed by Cash Music Production?
 An artist who can sing and touches people's lives.
 Even ones who can play instruments are welcome.

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What changes or impact will Cash Music Production for bring to the next generation in the music industry?
Bring inspiration to the young or upcoming artists and also motivate them, take them out of the streets.

5 years from now; where will Cash Music Production for be?
I wish to see it receiving a massive air play in all radio stations and also getting nominated I know that will motivate lot of people to work hard.

What is the story behind the name Cash Music Production for?
The name comes from my grandfather’s name ”CASH” which later turned to be a surname and it happened that I was the only grandson son in the house/family so I decided to carry on with the name after he has passed on…..oh wait lot of people think calling myself “Cash” it means “I think I have money” but no it’s not true hey I just hope this name can bring money in future.

IMG 20190214 WA0021

How do people get to follow Cash Music Production on social media?
In terms of social media, it’s still under construction, but expect something like: Cash Music Production


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