January 11, 2020

Watch: All i Wanna (Lyrics) - Jabulani Jay ft Dollar Cream

Have you ever wondered what you would do if a fine lady could just come to you and be like “I’m all Yours”?
Yeah that’s right… All that you are thinking about is what the track is all about.
This single was released on the 3rd of August 2019 and is available on various media platforms such as YouTube, Audiomack, Slikouronlife… etc
Jay and Dollar both play important roles on the track as they both had inputs to make it a success.
#AllIwanna is all about expressing your thoughts on how you play your game when it comes to fine ladies…
There’s a part where Jay says “…#AllIWannaDo, is take you to my world and you spin it all around…” that is actually interpreted as The Lady will own his throne if she could be in his life…
A part where Dollar says “…King Swati, angi sheli ngiya khomba…” that actually means that he’s so good in this game that he nolonger proposes but just points whenever he wants a lady.
This is a great peace of artwork with amazing creativity in it, the art of playing around with words is crazy, like where Dollar Cream says “One night stand, like I’ve got a tender…” and where Jay Says “I will make love to You and break all the tules…”
This is a fusion of Hip hop and R&B tune, there’s no strong language used but can be explicit if you think deep.
Very useful to play it when making Love and or Just Jamming…
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