October 8, 2019

Watch: Fya Philly drops his Mind Blowing Music Video "No Hesitation"

The track is titled No Hesitation and its about chasing your passions relentlessly no matter the odds, especially the influence of outside forces, which I refer to as the neighbors and the Feds because friends and "enemies" impact you in such a powerful way, there's people that don't want you to succeed or they just don't understand how you do the things you do, so they pray in a person's private affairs with their hate and their love, so its motivational in a sense that I'm telling my story, which is a real life about some things I've gone through, still going through, the way I'm living my life with the people around me" Said Fya Philly

The FyaStunna Lyfestyle project was really a collaboration between two people, The beat composition was done by one of Fya Philly's beat makers named 3Dee Stunna, from a newly launched production house called Space Ship Records, its a foundation of Zone 6 type of Trap elements with a fusion of etheric African sounds plus Gregorian type keys and melody inclines, so it really has a spine chilling effect that allows a Vivid story to get told.
The music video was directed by Henry Charly from WeHeart Studios, he is the same guy that directed Fya Philly's previous SA Hip Hop banger on Channel O titled 'No Love Song', interestingly enough, WeHeart Studios is the one that's responsible for all Fya Philly's premium in house motion pictures, they shoot for the biggest guys in the game plus a whole lot of major cooperate stuff. "I'm just Blessed to have formed a relationship with them.
The vision for the director was to have me potray the role of a barman at one of the dopest clubs in Bloemfontein called The Other Venue or T.O.V for the Bloemers lol, so the story of the barman is that he gets wooed by a very classy lady, played by lifestyle coach and model @LeuLion, who actually falls for the barman, she was of course drinking 'Durban Poison', which is everyone's drink of choice in the No Hesitation world and in real life too, so after the bar scenes we realize that the girl orders her driver to flag Fya Philly down because she wanted to give him her number so they can 'hang out'... we end up reaching a point where we see Fya back at the Classy lady's place were we shot the infamous smoking shower scenes and Jaccuzi scenes, so that's were the other sauce of the shoot really was because it had to feel really close and intimate to emphasize "watching attention" and the spine chilling effect of the beat. The smoke all around the music video symbolises my artist name and the Durban Poison affiliation also".
The music video correspond with the song as people expected clichè music videos, where the artist spoon feeds the audience, walks them through his lyrics literally-showing them what he is talking about, like that is kinda dry.
The way that the production team does it is in a sense that's analogical, its deeper than the surface and deeper than rap, its really how we live. The classy lady who goes to have her after work drink is a hard worker, she gets things done and she goes for what she wants and gets it, She got her own driver for heats sake. That's inspirational on its own sense. As for the barman, he just got bagged by this flashy classy lady that just takes him to her place and shows him a great time, that's like a dream achieved by alot of guys you know?
Getting macked on by a rich chick that's trying to get with you, while you an ordinary barman? It rarely happens, so one would never let that opportunity slide, so as you can see it corresponds with the initial message of the song but on a very different type of level.
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