September 16, 2019

Watch: Jovislash Drops a 2D Animation Music Video "Emoji"

Rapper, Comedian and Radio Host Jovislash has released visuals for his latest single titled Emoji. The colorful music video is in 2D animation and looks incredible.

Jovislash is seen driving around a neighbourhood in a Ferrari and he comes across a beautiful lady. They exchange contacts and one thing leads to the other. The music video will leave you in stitches as Jovislash sticks to his signature of fun and witty lyricism.

“This project took me 5 months to complete. I was literally hands on. From character development, script writing, to animating the whole video” said Jovislash.

This is Jovislash’s first ever animation music video and he promises to give us more. Check out the Emoji song music video:

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