April 23, 2018

White Guy Speaking Venda?! Here's All You Wanted to know about Coenie Strydom

Coenie Strydom was born in Musina Limpopo on a farm that bordered Zimbabwe, I grew up with all the farm worker’s kids and quickly STARTED talking the language (Thsivenda), at the moment I'm unemployed but was working as a sales manager at Motswako office solutions In Kyalami for 3 months. I’m well known for my motivation and ambition that I bring to any part of the game of life.
How did you achieve the tone, and fluency on speaking Tshivenda?
I Spent a Lot of time reading and learning Venda as-well, and WITH most of my friends being Venda it just came naturally IMG 20180423 WA0006 Are you the only one amongst your family and friends who can speak Tshivenda the way you do?
My father is fluent but I must say, my brother of 17 years old gives a run for the money
What difficulties do you have when it comes to the Tshivenda language?
The only difficulties would be listening to Venda presenters who use a much deeper Venda Vocabulary
Besides Tshivenda, what other South African language or any other language can you speak?
English, Afrikaans and I'm learning Sepedi now IMG 20180423 WA0007 How do you feel about the social media going crazy sharing your videos as they trend
Well I'm actually still blown away, a week ago nobody knew me, and now everybody knows who I am, I must say it's a big honour and I'm very thankful. I love you South Africa
Are there any special places that you went or amazing people you’ve met through the way you speak Tshivenda? SABC 2 Mafhungo
Team and Presenters of Phala Phala FM, It was really amazing IMG 20180423 WA0008 One word to describe Coenie Strydom

Can people expect anything big from Coenie Strydom such as seeing you more often on their TV Screens or Radios and etc?
They certainly can, and I hope someone from Muvhango reads this. When are you gonna call me?
This is Coenie Strydom Two Years ago Coenie
This is Coenie Strydom now IMG 20180423 WA0011   Word of Motivation
No matter What Your going Through right now, just know that The best view is after the hardest climb and That You can only get to the top of the mountain by letting God Lead you !
Shout outs!
A Shout Out To Muvhango SA, Joe Mathe @joebanker, Zwivhuya wors Mulaudzi, Bian strydom , Koena clothing and Hanga Murembiwa
Below is Coenie Strydom speaking Venda.

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