February 6, 2024

Xphola drops - Murder (Dlaya) Music Video ft. Socha Bee and Jay-B | Here’s how it was Shot

The song "Murder”(Dlaya) is a battle Rap song. It's about My lyrical ability. I have made it just to  remind My fans and Rappers that even if I don't keep Myself busy with Music, that doesn't change anything when it comes to My Rap skills. Xphola will die a lyrical beast. 

The music video portrays what the verses are all about. Meaning when it comes to My lyrical skills, I'm like an assassin. 

M Geezy shot the video. That man taught me that it's not about how many machines you have, it's about how bigger your brains are. You can have a bigger machine, but if you don't know how to use it, it's a waste of equipment.

We have spent between  20 to 24 hours to shoot the video. M Geezy found us well prepared to take the visuals. I sent him a script of the video a week before he came to my "kasi".  

The shooting took place on the 1st day of a week (Sunday, May 2023) 2 days after shooting, M Geezy gave us the full version of the music video. 

I won't say much about Jay-B because He is My partner in Crime. I have been working with him since My 1st project.  Working with Socha Bee was great. I have always been wishing and hopping to work with a skilled female Tsonga Rapper and Socha was the 1st female Tsonga rapper  I have worked with.

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