July 9, 2020

Young South Africans Taking Over the Rap Industry!? This is what makes Anty Dowt Different from other Young Rappers

Mbuso Mthandeni Mngomezulu Also Known As "Anty Dowt", is a South African Rapper, Songwriter and Recording Artist. Regarded as one of the best under 16 Rappers in Phalaborwa.
Born 2004-01-23 in Mpumalanga Embalenhle but is currently based in Gauteng,Springs
Aunty Dowt started Rapping in 2017 and was once Nominated at the Phalaborwa Music Awards
Anty Dowt was the youngest rapper in Phalaborwa to do it the most in 2019, he released four Bangers that were positively received and he is doing quite well on SoundCloud, he is almost on 4000 overall streams with just three songs uploaded there. In December 2019 an online blogger based in Uganda wrote an article about him, promoting his upcoming Mixtape, he was the first artist to do such without a Manager.
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What got you into hip hop?
It's the culture in General, Hip hop raised me, I grew up around people who listened to Hip hop alot and I liked the way they dressed, so yeah I fell in love with the culture in General.
What makes a great Rapper in your Opinion?
Somebody who's able to touch somebody's heart through words, Somebody with great message in a song & how the person delivers their bars in the song... Somebody who's able to nail any type of hip hop beat or somebody who's able to jump on any sub-genre of hip hop.
What makes Anty Dowt different from other Rappers?
The thing that makes Anty Dowt different from other Rappers is his deliverance in a song, and the fact that he's able to hop on any type of beat. Anty Dowt is just different from other Rappers because of his uniqueness.
If you are not busy with music, what else keeps you busy?
Watching Alot of Series on Netflix, Watching "Naruto", I sometimes read books about "African Spirituality", but I'm always on music, I do alot of research about music, music is just in me.
What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop in your hood according to your experiences?
Let's start with the bad thing, the bad thing about hip hop in my hood is that the people lack support, they don't support while you're down, I think maybe they undermine you because you haven't made it, and the good thing is the producers that are very humble, and our hip hop is one of the best in the country..
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What do you mostly write about in your music?
I write about Struggle, Heartbreaks, Love, African empowerment... Also about Neighborhood jealousy and about my personal life.
Anty Dowt... what is the story behind this stage name?
The name comes from the word "Antidote" I just decided to change the spelling, it means that my music is a cure for whatever you're going through and it can heal you if you find my music relatable to your story..
How is the Covid-19 Lockdown SA affecting your music journey?
Few years to come, where will Anty Dowt be?
The Covid 19 isn't really affecting my music journey because we're now in the Internet Era, everything is done on the internet, but at the same time it's affecting my music because I can't go to studio anymore, it's very hectic because I even have an ep scheduled to be released.
In few years to come, I see myself independently at the top, winning without labels ripping me off.
How is the response from your family and friends?
What does it mean to you being one of the youngest rappers in your hood
I just hope other younger kids than me are inspired to chase their dream no matter how young they are.
Follow Anty Dowt On:
Facebook: Anty Dowt
Twitter : @TheonlyantyDowt
Instagram: @theonlyantydowt
Who do you want to send your Shout Outs to?
First of All I'd like to give a Big Shout out to Tower of Arts, GunnerBeatz, CACTUS and ALL MY FELLOW UPCOMING ARTISTS.

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