October 13, 2019

Zolani Mahola, Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Eryn Allen Kane and Msaki (Platoon Africa) Releases The Single “UNGAZILIBALI”

The full video which tells the story:

To hear the song: https://geni.us/Ungazilibali.

Women rise up and be heard! “Don’t Forget Yourself” – this is the literal translation of the captivating new track titled “Ungazilibali”, a soul-searching single written by five female vocal stars called ‘Iqonga’, which will be released on Friday the 20th of September through Platoon Africa.
The five performers (Iqonga) who created the piece are South African female singers, Zolani Mahola, Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Msaki and Eryn Allen Kane visiting from the USA, all considered to be formidable artists in their own right and each having been involved with Platoon at varying stages of their careers.
The song is an ode to women’s strength and a call to recognise their unlimited potential and the crucial role they play in family and society on every continent. The collective expression of these five female artists - each one dedicating a verse to the track through which they delve into their own personal experiences growing up - results in a moving tribute to the importance of women around the world regardless of cultural traditions and diversity.
One of South Africa’s most notable and respected voices, Zolani Mahola has recently announced her new solo journey, following on from a long and successful career with Freshlyground. She is seen by her fans not just as a distinguished musician, but also as a transformational speaker, storyteller, and performer.
“We have a special mission here on earth as any creative, especially as a female...and there are waves that we are tapped into that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of...this world is very deeply in need of our particular energy and our particular voice“ says Zolani Mahola
Relatively new on the scene, Ami Faku is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most promising singer – songwriters in the South African music industry. Her much anticipated solo debut album “Imali’ will be out end of this month.
Singer, poet and songwriter Bonga Kwana is a Platoon artist in development who was accepted to the Bridges for Music Academy. She is a self-taught and deeply expressive force on the South African music scene with a great desire to reach beyond the boundaries in her search for social awareness and tolerance.
Msaki is an inspiring singer-songwriter, composer and producer. Her versatility is reflected in her past album “Zaneliza”, as well as notable and much beloved collaborations with Prince Kaybee and Tresor. Ever inspiring, she is currently working on new material which will be available in the coming months.
Eryn Allen Kane is a Detroit native and soul songstress who has managed to attract the attention and praise of both critics and legendary musicians. Her new project embodies a profound wisdom on a poignant seven-track EP titled, “A Tree Planted By Water”.
The revolutionary London-based company Platoon was founded in 2016 and its mission is to evolve the music industry through a more philanthropic and artist-centric philosophy. Designed to seek out and offer a platform for nurturing musical and creative talent around the world, it recently planted roots in South Africa with the creation of the Cape Town Creative Lab (CTCL). The company was the brainchild of the South African born mastermind musician and entrepreneur Denzyl Feigelson, who has worked closely with the likes of Paul Simon (“Graceland”), Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Johnny Clegg, Gipsy Kings and the late great Steve Jobs, whom he assisted with the development of iTunes, The iTunes Festival and Apple Music.

The single “Ungazilibali” demonstrates the dedication of the Platoon Africa all-female team as part of the global movement towards social harmony and mutual respect regardless of colour or creed.
“The magic happens when there is no agenda and you are not really trying to force anything, you are just trying to make magic, and I think that is happening. The world should hear it”, says Denzyl Feigelson- Platoon Founder.
Listen to the beautiful “Ungazilibali” out now on all streaming platforms written and performed by: Zolani Mahola, Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Eryn Allen Kane and Msaki.
Follow each of these inspiring women on their amazing journey....

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